while i was packing to leave for our trip nash and i had a little chat about where we were going. i told him we were flying on the plane all the way to pennsylvania. he thought for a minute, "pennsylbania?" he asked, and then, "what's a pencil?" confused, i replied, "it's what you color and draw with, you know that, silly." and then he asked, "well, what color is bania?" oh this guy is too cute. if i had to answer him, i'd definitely say that "bania" = green. see for yourself:


our trip was full of fun little moments like taking a walk on the old train bridge with grandma & great grandma

catching fireflies


roasting marshmallows & making smores


playing in the rain with uncle andybob

skipping rocks and taking a little dip in the allegheny river 


six plane rides, two tram rides, a taxi ride, and two nights in a hotel (nash is really proud to have done all that, for me those parts were probably the least fun). we took a little tiny commuter plane from cleveland to franklin (and back) and when we landed nash exclaimed "the captain did a great job flying, mama!" he then stuck his head into the cockpit and let the captain know what a great job he'd done.


it was a pretty exhausting trip if you can't tell...oh, and someone got a haircut and a shiner.

the end. 


kosker family

i had so much fun shooting this cute family. they were so easy and the location & lighting were beautiful. julie, i hope you love these as much as i do. below are some favorites from the session, but there are lots more on their way to your mailbox!


see more here on the 'liz anderson photography' fan page.

if you'd like to schedule a family portrait session with me (it's not too early to start thinking about christmas cards), visit my website or email me at liz@lizandersonphotography.com. utah portrait sessions are limited since we'll be moving to vegas soon!


sneak peek: kosker family pile


julie was the winner of my giveaway back in march and we shot this last week while i was home in pennsylvania. i haven't seen julie since high school and it was so fun to meet her cute little family. hazel just had her first birthday so it was the perfect time for some pictures.

i can't wait to edit the rest of the photos-but at the same time i'd like to fast-forward to september so i don't have to think about all the things i have to do from now till then: edit, shoot, edit, have a garage sale, pack, clean, move out, take care of kids, three doctor visits, two weddings, find a place to live, move in, unpack, organize...and i've completely lost my summer tan already...so i've got to try and fit some pool time in there somewhere. most of this without my bevie since he's already in vegas getting ready for/taking the bar and then starting his new job. wish me luck and preserved sanity ;)


just married


she (they) did it!!! it was the HOTTEST wedding day ever. more photos to come once i get home.


silly cousins

Photobucket Photobucket
for grandma's birthday we all pitched in and got her this photo holder. rather than attempt to get photos of all the kids together (yeah, right!), we opted for individual photos instead. we recycled the cat-eye glasses and moustaches and the kids busted out some of their best silly faces. it was a fun spin on the usual "photos for grandma" gift.




my absolute favorite part of chelsey & james' reception, aside from all the usual bride + groom stuff, was this special moment. lori (chelsey's mom) and her old BYU hawaii roommate, deedee, hadn't seen each other in years (i think maybe since lori's wedding?). i'm pretty sure the sight of each other whisked them both into years passed; squealing, spinning around, hugging and kissing each other, laughing and crying. it's one of those moments i felt honored to capture. and one that left a mascara smudge on my left eye for the rest of the evening (my right eye was too busy working to cry).



chelsey + james wedding part 2

Photobucket Photobucket

a few shots from the reception...a little favor to chelsey since she's watching haven for me this morning while i'm off in PA with nash for emmy's wedding.


havey swims

haven has decided she really likes to swim. i'm such a proud mama! look at her little kicks! if only you could see her face...she was so excited. every. single. time. (and she did this for what seemed like an eternity). if anyone came near the pool she'd say "look i swimming!" she even floated out to the deep end and didn't want anyone near her. little miss independent at it again.

nash, on the other hand? he won't even don his swimsuit anymore. the kid is deathly afraid of the pool. i guess the silver lining lies in the fact that i know he will never get in the pool when i'm not around AND haven got to have a "first" before nash. something that rarely happens for a little girl living in the shadow of her loud, attention-grabbing brother.


chelsey + james wedding part I



chelsey and james really wanted a photobooth at their wedding and this is what we came up with. it was a lot of fun and kept the guests busy during the reception. i made the moustaches and cat-eye glasses with craft foam and we had a large supply of glue dots on hand for prop application.

thanks to em & chari for your help! couldn't have done it without you.