christmas cards

i always make my own christmas cards, but this year i was feeling lazy, so i thought i'd check out the available pre-made designs out there. and (surprise, surprise) i didn't really like any. and the few i did liked didn't work with my photo choices. back to the drawing board, BUT instead of creating just one card for my family, i've now created several fully customizable options that i'm also offering to you for purchase. {details below}

* monogrammed circle can also be replaced with an additional photo.

*damask square can also be replaced with an additional photo.

*photo collage can contain 1-4 photos (layout will change depending on number)

here's how it works:
  • choose a layout from the above selection. all cards are 6 x 7.5". all colors and text can be changed to fit your photos/needs. OR i can create a completely custom card for you using your photos and any ideas you may have (or i can just come up with something that works with the the photos).
  • i'll create your custom card within 48 hours (most likely faster).
    • delivery option 1: i print-you can pick up the printed cards
    • delivery option 2: i print-i mail the printed cards to you
    • delivery option 3: you print-i send you the file and you print the card yourself

the cost for cards created with one of the five templates is $34.99+tax for 50 cards (includes envelopes) and $5.99+tax for additional sets of 25 ordered at the same time. cost of digital file only is $15.

if you'd like an entirely custom design, the cost will be $44.99 +tax for 50 cards (includes envelopes) and $5.99+tax for additional sets of 25 ordered at same time. cost of digital file only is $30.

cost of shipping will depend on destination/weight, as determined by USPS.

i will gladly accept paypal, cash, or check. instructions will be included in your order confirmation email.


family pictures

we had family pictures last week, and what an adventure that was! trying to get two kids to look at the camera was exhausting. nash cracking his head on a rock after falling in a hidden hole (after he finally decided to ham it up for the camera) was a little nerve-wracking. we weren't sure anything good would come of all the hard work, but we were wrong. thanks so much, jessie-we love them!


chubby chubby chubby!

this chubby-faced girl is now six months old (as of friday), can you believe it?

p.s. we had family photos taken last weekend-this is a sneak preview from the session-i get to pick up the rest tomorrow!

two years ago today...

a perfect baby boy entered our lives. happy birthday, nashy-boy! you be two!


nash's birthday song

this morning nash and i had a talk about his upcoming birthday. it was so cute, that i made him do it all over again on camera (it actually worked!). could he be any cuter? for the life of him, he cannot put his fingers into a two. it's so cute watching him try. not that you get to, i didn't do the best job of filming his hands...but you do get to hear his scratchy little voice sing his birthday ditty...


blast off!

we've entered a new frontier: the potty, big boy undies, and lots of toilet talk. wish us luck.

update 11/20: potty training doesn't work so well when mommy is all tied up with snapfish books! we've put the training on hold until after the holiday madness-what was i thinking?!



for lack of better material; some havey for you.
did you know: she purrs like a kitten and she has cheeks like a ninja turtle?
the proof:


"nice talk"

em and i watched martian child on saturday night. i forgot how much i love this movie (good thing because i bought it!). true that i'm an emotional freak when it comes to all things parenting-but this movie is pure genius. among the many scenes that kill me:

if you haven't seen it yet, you should. it's winter-there's not much else to do, right? and has anyone read the book?


yes we can.

i don't think any president (or president elect, or presidential candidate) has ever inspired so many artists. so far, this is my favorite. i'm feeling proud right now: it's not likely that any president has enough time or power to make monumental changes as they claim they will, but the majority of the world is feeling hopeful, liberated, and united from a racial standpoint. only good can come from that. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this race wasn't a cover to steal the hope diamond, but that some real change will come.

found here.


{joke-it does matter. and if you're lucky like me and live in the hood where people don't care what "happens to them" or aren't legally able to vote, then it should only take you about three minutes!}

the end of halloween

okay, my final halloween post. i was just waiting for someone to post a good picture, and i think this is as good as it's gonna get. steve and i were (surprise!) scuba divers. can't get much easier and it fit the theme. and it's always fun to wear spandex, right? how bout a little girl's turtleneck as well? alright, it was slightly uncomfortable, but well worth it.

we went to a halloween party/road rally saturday night with a big group of friends. what is a road rally? i didn't know either-i thought i had been introduced to all aspects of utah culture years ago, but apparently this escaped me. until now. and it was a blast. teams of five headed out all over utah valley in search of various haunted locations. we were guided by stories filled with clues and gps locators for a few spots (except that one story that didn't have any clues. and no gps. only an sms text that we didn't get). once the haunt was located, members of the group were forced to do horrific things. okay, not really, but some of the wusses in the party thought they were pretty scary. for example, we located the final resting place of one of ted bundy's victims and had to lie in the spot and take a photo. we combed many cemetarys, ran through the woods, and drove way past the speed limit. it was a thrilling night!


welcome november

i would have called this "welcome fall," but it has technically been fall for a few weeks now, although it's just really starting to feel like it here. that may just be my dread of winter forcing me to ignore the signs of fall. who can say. nash and i spent halloween morning raking up leaves in the front yard. by saturday you couldn't tell we'd raked six leaf bags full. so, bevie pitched in and the three of us raked up an additional four. and, wouldn't you know it, within an hour or two it was the same story. these leaves are just dumping. i can't tell you how many times i've caught a glimpse of a shower of leaves outside and thought "are you serious?! it's snowing?!" glad to find out that it wasn't. nashy-boy thought the work was pretty fun, so hopefully he won't mind a few more rounds over the next few days!



that's how nashy-the-scuba-man wooed the ladies on halloween night. followed by a "thank you" and a "welcome", of course. (he thinks he needs to say 'welcome" now, too, since i say i to him after he thanks me.). or maybe it was his big "bapack" and black spandex...

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

{shiloh the rooster}

From halloween 2008

{oinkin' on candy-wrappers too!}

From halloween 2008

From halloween 2008

this was the first in four years that i haven't been in orem trick-or-treating with the bulkley bunch. we got on the freeway and the traffic was insanity. that and thinking that nash wouldn't give a rip if he went trick or treating made us turn right around. we called up the petersons and crashed their neighborhood. and a good choice it was. i LOVE their street. tons of younger families, but not like the "other" young utah neighborhoods. they all went full-throttle on halloween decor. it was a perfect night. the weather was amazing- warm, a light breeze and a few raindrops. lisa's street is lined with huge sycamores and at one point i watched this little group of witches and goblins scurry amongst the leaves to cross the street and a rush of nostalgia came over me. and then i realized that nash and haven have all this to look forward to. awesome-because halloween is the one holiday i'm not sure i could do without and seeing my kids love it as much as i do is the icing on the cake.