snow days

chase & nash

indie (the most photogenic girl on the planet)

hollie & indie


alison & emery


fake smile

lizzy & libby get some sweet air

girl train

havey's first run

brr brr brittany

libby lou



for grandma m.

sitting (up!) pretty in her little red dress...

(i am a bad mommy-nash didn't have a christmas outfit.)


there was no screaming. no crying. no smiling. just blank stares and seriously chubby faces. santa thought haven was such a sweet girl, maybe he'll bring her extra treats this year...


sweetness & light

emmy got this hat for me when she was on her mission in chile and we finally have a chance to use it!

i love taking tons of pictures of haven (i guess that's the one perk to having a crappy camera-i have to take millions to get a few good ones). i love to capture all her little "looks" that are so fleeting you almost miss them. then i can study them later to determine who she looks like. what i love most is seeing bits and pieces of all my favorite people all packaged into the one and only sweet* package that is haven.

*her sweetness takes the cake. nothing can bring her down-reflux, colds, ear infections, RSV, thrush. she's had it all and remains a happy little lump. it's almost sad that she's so happy in spite of being so sick...


the snowman.

today is a day for
building snowmen
watching 'the snowman.'
sipping hot cocoa
& snuggling


thoughts from the evening (see if you can tell whose thoughts are whose):

  • so...what's the point of this?
  • more
  • okay, let's go (after about five minutes)
  • there aren't any animals?
  • so there are lots of lights and the smell of poop. festive.
  • at least we got free cookies.
  • elephant
  • feliz navidad.....blah blah blah....felicidad

haven didn't move a muscle or make a peep from the moment we put her coat on until we took it off. it was pretty stinking cute. and she fell sound asleep in the car on the short ride home. she's such a cute little munch. i took her to instacare a few nights ago because she had a fever and a slew of other little problems (ear infection) and i was sort of freaked out about it. the nurses came flocking to her chubby cheeks and thighs and she put on a good little show of smiles and giggles (not good for convincing the docs she was really sad and sick...). p.s. she's fine. the fever broke, she slept great and woke up happy as a clam yesterday.


nash's birthday recap

on saturday afternoon we went to see madagascar 2: escape to africa with our little family + emmy. nash did so well-i was pretty surprised. he sat wide-eyed whilst sucking on the blow pop that bevie bought for himself (really? you didn't get one for nash? that wasn't very smart...) and shoveling popcorn into his mouth for the first half of the movie. then he got pretty antsy and began playing with the seat ( up & down, up & down) for the next quarter of the movie. then he hit his limit and fell asleep on emmy's lap till the movie ended. pretty good for a first-time movie-goer. i wish i had a picture of him when the movie started-he was flabbergasted.

andy & naomi and brad & gina met up with us at our house after for a little cake & ice cream. and presents (which i specifically said would not be required). oh well, nash LOVED them all, so thank you! we couldn't believe he understood that he needed to blow out his candles-i thought for sure we'd have to demonstrate. he loved it.

great-grandma gave him some stickers, which he wore all over himself all day. emmy got him some fingerpaints (yes, they came with brushes...i don't get it either), so we had a little painting session once everyone left. nash painted about ten masterpieces. he was a very serious artist in his little apron and his birthday hat from the cool pop-up book from grandma. the one he isn't allowed to touch again till next birthday; and only with supervision.

after loads of popcorn, candy, cake, ice cream, and no nap the kid was literally bouncing off the walls. i think that's a sign of a good second birthday, don't you?

but wait-another celebration followed on sunday with the anderson family! loads of presents, more cake & ice cream, special cards from the cousins and some sweet dance moves.

please note nash singing his own birthday song and the skill and experience with which he blows out his candles:

nash was slightly distracted by his chappy-stick, but he really did appreciate the sweet card from his sweetest cousin, libby:

and then chaos ensued. *please note (around 00:25 into the video) indie singing and strutting "if you wanna be my lubber" and nash's...skipping/dance move?: