it takes a village...

my world is spinning, quite literally. my MS is back and rearing it's ugly head full-force. this time is the first where i feel like it's actually disrupting my life. the fact that the weather is perfect is making it all the more difficult to be cooped up. lucky for me, my mom hopped on a plane this morning and is on her way to save me! and on her birthday! there's a good chance she's dragging me and the kids across the country on her return to pennsylvania, so i may disappear for a while. getting a good long rest is something that requires some serious effort when you're raising two youngins!

and if you feel bad for me, you can donate to stevie's fund for the MS bike tour (which i still fully intend to participate in, and for which i've already met my fundraising goal).


{eating cake}

havey had her 12-month check-up yesterday:

length: 31.5 inches, 98%tile
weight: 20 pounds, 43%tile

she's as tall as an 18-month old, which explains why all her bottoms are so short. good thing it's summer!

and at that check-up nash said to the doctor, "how doin?" to which the doctor replied (to me) "does he always sound like that?"

long story short, we went back to the doctor later for nash's very own check-up. he ran laps around the office to trigger the coughing that usually follows. the doctor is pretty convinced that nash's seal voice isn't his real voice but is triggered by either acid reflux, a vocal chord weakness, or asthma. i wasn't sold on any of this until the doctor asked me if nash wakes up in the night. (he does-in fits of terror and usually coughing.) so, mr. nash is now back on prevacid and has started an inhaler twice a day. although i'm glad any problems he might have will be remedied, i'm sad that he won't bark like a seal anymore....


havey is one!

at one, haven has:

  • three teeth
  • big blue eyes
  • dirty feet (always)
  • a special dance she does only in her carseat and even when there's no music on
  • long, chubby legs
  • long, skinny fingers
  • hair that can just barely fit into a tiny clip with the help of a little karo
  • a big smile that makes her little face form a rectangle
  • the ability to make her daddy melt like no one else can
  • a big brother who uses the potty (!)
  • the sweetest disposition, but
  • the most horrible cry
  • an obsession with standing on her own
  • a family who loves her and couldn't imagine life without her

we love our havey baby and the happiness she brings to our family. she's our own little ray of sunshine.

happy birthday, haven!


playing for change

i'll be back next week after the wedding hullabaloo is over (i'm so excited!). until then, emilie finds the coolest stuff and makes me wish i were single without kids so that i could have freetime and then spend it finding awesome randomness on the interweb. things like this:

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.