a hotel for lexi

anyone want to take care of my pretty, sweet doggy while we're home in pennsylvania? the poor girl will be devastated if we leave her with just the strange neighbors to give her food and water. she's a cuddle-monster and loves/needs to be with people. she was in the pound two or three times before we saved her and i can't bear the thought of her thinking she's been deserted again. plus, all the boarding kennels in the area are booked solid. she's a big girl, but she's got a little-dog mentality and does well even in tiny apartments.

UPDATE: christmas miracle!!! literally ten minutes after i posted the above entry, the ward service missionaries showed up at my front door with a basket of fruit and a gift card for groceries (yes, i cried). they heard about how i lost my job and all the stress we've been under. anyway-they love dogs, have 3 fenced acres in Herriman, and kindly offered to take lexi in while we are gone! christmas miracles!!!


{it'S a GirL!}
well-the majority of you were correct! today's ultrasound revealed with about 90% certainty that the little fetus in my belly is in fact a female one! i won't fully trust it till i see her in the flesh or by 3D ultrasound at 32 weeks. baby looks fine-although quite snug-she was folded in half with her little feet smackng her forehead. we're scheduled for another ultrasound in four weeks-the big 20 weeker-where we'll make sure all her organs are where they should be, etc., and that will give us another shot to verify her gender. her name, you ask? haven elizabeth anderson. and yes, she already has a blog!

{the proof}

profile: you can kind of see her little foot up across from her eyes
arm: sort of looks like a bony dog leg at this point. this shot really shows you how crunched up she is.

cute little feet (i think she got my high arches!)

and here's where there aren't any boy parts, leading us all to agree that she's a girl!



I really need to find a job-anyone have any connections, hook-ups, or leads on work-from-home jobs (or evening jobs in the SLC area) that aren't a total scam?


hostess with the mostess?

um, are these appetizer plates the cutest things you've ever seen too? the twelve days of christmas appetizer plates by rosanna, inc. $96 for the set.


oh, by the way...

my little dude turned 1 on thanksgiving. the festivities were sort of caught up in the holiday celebration, but i think a good time was had by all and never has a kid who didn't even know what was happening been so spoiled! if you care to see pics you can check out his blog: nash anderson.