sorry for all the nash stuff lately! it's mainly for our distant relatives who never see him (and some who have never met him). plus he's super cute.


dyson tricked me (a non-political entry for today so that those of you who do not want to get involved with the Cheney debate can be entertained too!)

if you, like me, can be entertained with talk of vacuums...a few days ago i saw a commercial for the new dyson slim and was overjoyed. you'd think a model titled "slim" would come at a reduced cost, right? well, it does-but only by about $80 (compared to the non-slim models)-ringing up at a whopping $469.99. i guess my dreams of owning a dyson (specifically the DC17 for pets) are no closer to coming true.

welcome to the "free speech zone"

Fuel for my dislike of BYU. This is ridiculous-no matter which side of the Cheney fence you are on....I realize this is a little exaggerated (there's really only one big suited man), but the problem still exists. And I realize that BYU is a "private institution" with the right to limit free speech, but the fact that they choose to do it to such a degree with no explanation given-that's what bothers me. I am not a sheep...

stevie bevie is at it agian with his custom onesies...maybe we should capitalize on this creativity...


idol aid

did anyone else cry their little eyes out tonight watching american idol? well, i did. and i'm not embarrassed to admit it. and i am proud to say that i donated. did you?


nash (hearts) water

here he is! my five month (i can't even believe that..) old baby boy. no doubt, the cutest baby boy in the world. at least in my eyes-but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

i've decided that there is a reason that genetics play a role in how our children look. you look at yourself everyday in the mirror and that face you see becomes normal and beautiful to you. it is fun to recognize something of yourself in your child, because you are used to seeing that in yourself. maybe that's a little narcissistic, but it explains why every mother thinks her baby is the cutest baby in the world (when some clearly are not). and why so many babies live rather than become "shaken babies"(come on, i for one, would have killed nash during the acid reflux days had i not thought he was the cutest thing ever!)...


for mommies...

i just added a new element called "mommy linkage" for some links to noteworth baby products. so, once those chilluns hit the hay, check 'em out! (located on the right under "bitchin linkage")


vacation house preview

i know, i know-i'm dragging this out. but, we're waiting on the good pics from gwampa, so for now, this will have to do....


we're still alive....

i'm sitting at computer "stgeorge1" in st. george utah on SPRING BREAK! We'll be back tomorrow, so stay posted for a bitchin entry with the cutest pics on nash's first swim!


banana spoons

a week shy of five months-nash sure loves to eat and is quite independent when it comes to eating his solids. bananas are a favorite, but itty bitty baby bowels beware! he's becoming a little spoon-feeding expert all too fast. okay, i have to load the spoon, but he is fast on the grab and can find his mouth rather quickly. the problem comes after he licks that spoon clean-he won't let go and a messy battle ensues (while he simultaneously screams for more). motherhood is slowly teaching me to let go of my anal retentiveness when it comes to a clean house; most feedings are a royal mess and i enjoy it! good thing we've got lexis lucille 3 to clean up the messes!


i dream of.....someone else!

since stevie bevie is totally opposed to my blogging habit, i figure this is the most fitting venue in which to express my total pissed-off-ness at him!

sometimes, when you are married (or co-sleeping with the opposite sex) you slowly waken in the middle of the night. and slowly realize that "things" are happening. last night was such a night. as stevie bevie and i discussed who started it and what exactly had transpired, he made this admission:

"before i realized what was happening, i was dreaming about slow burn's jolene blalock...!"

he had seen a preview for the movie last night and had googled her to see if she was black or not. i like to include visuals in my posts and i'd include her headshot, but she's too slutty for my G-rated blog.

ouch, stevie.



Doc Wilson's Wrecking Balm

not-surprisingly, many of you expressed interest in the tattoo removal kit article metioned in last sunday's bowling game post (am i the only one who doesn't have a tat?), but sadly stevie bevie (underestimating the value of said article) disposed of it. or so i thought! this morning, stevie reached into his magic pocket and voila! so, for your cynical viewing pleasure, i present:

Doc Wilson's Wrecking Balm
(The makers of this blog are not affiliated with the makers of this product and can, in no way, be held liable for readers' purchase and use of this product.)

click on the image to see a giant-scale version. i have added my own comments and have highlighted key selling points. enjoy!


RPS: zoobie refresher 101

ance is in the business school at byu and needed to attend an event for class, so lali and i tagged along. the event, organized by the byu entrepeneurial something or other, was to set the world record for Rock Paper Scissors. around 800 zoobies made an appearance to compete. it's been a long, long time since i've been on campus, and i was pleased to find that nothing has changed. the zoobies are still zoobies, which means i still hate byu.

there was the really lame band playing a rock take on sarah mclaughlans's "i will remember you". there were still the "funny guys" making attempts at mormon pop-culture humor that make you want to tuck and roll. there were braided leather belts and haircuts only your dad should sport. and to top it all off-the runner up for the grand prize (a geode sort of rock and $2500) took two buys(bys?-i am not a sportsy person) and didn't even play a hand at the finals until the deciding game. something about that seemed wrong to me, but then again, maybe it was all rigged so the zoobiest of zoobies would take the final round.

i'm not sure if some of these people were real-life die hard RPS players or just acting the part, but i overheard one sore loser commenting that he lost to a "back-side paper maneuver". only at byu would anyone develop moves other than the classic rock, paper, and scissors...but then again, i was only one of two there with a baby, so maybe the byu is forever in my blood?

and just one more tidbit from the event that illustrates my hate for byu: my entire (way too long) time spent at byu was plagued with authority issues. a.k.a, the power trip. it was the intramural officials or the RA's or any other number of people. no matter how easy the task at hand should have been, the folks at byu had a way of making it nearly impossible to complete. while waiting for the finals round (by the way, ance made it to fifth place) i decided to grab a drink in the creamery. before placing my items on the checkout:

lizzythebotanist to neilthecashier: do you guys take debit?
neilthecashier: yes, but we need to see i.d.
lizzythebotanist: so then you don't take debit...the point is that i have a pin so you won't need i.d.; do you not have a pin pad?
neiltheccashier: no, we run it as credit.

he then ran the card and didn't make me sign for the credit card purchase. wow. all i can say to that is "HELLS BELLS!"


bitchin hookie baby dude

i am a grown woman, right? at least, if you go by age (26), one would most likely classify me as such, right? then why, oh why, do i feel like i am a kid playing hookie?

i've been sick on and off for three weeks now, so this morning (after coughing up a lung all night long) i decided i would, once and for all, take a stinking day off from work. but it's not any fun. okay, i wasn't expecting it to be a party; i just expected to be able to relax, read, nap and feel better. but i don't! i feel guilty and worried. i keep checking my work email so i can respond in the hopes that no one will notice i am not there. am i a workaholic? i even started questioning my illness-am i really sick or am i faking it? are you kididng me? why would i fake an illness that doesn't allow me to speak a full sentence without falling over coughing?

and on top of that, i wish i wasn't sick so that i could pretend i was and play hookie because it is an insanely beautiful day!

in other news: stevie bevie is most likely the worst baby-dresser ever. when he brings nashers to me at work everyday, i find that nash is either 1.) still in his jammies 2.) still in his clothes from the day before (which means stevie bevie put him to bed without jammies) or 3.) in the most randomly nasty outfit you can imagine. yesterday as i left the house for work, stevie promised me that he was cooking up a big surprise. i somehow knew what this meant, but i did not imagine that he would take it this far:

the picture really isn't doing it justice, so let me try to embellish. no pants, just a diaper (and a full one, of course). ripped off sleeves, spit up (he had eaten carrots) all over. and if you can't tell, the shirt (in sharpie) says "bitchin dude." diamond days, (<-click it!) here we come! i think child services is on to us...


high chairs

we'll be in need of a high-chair soon. which got me to thinking: i love high chairs. not the kind your mom straps you into while shoveling mashed veggies in your face; the kind where you sit up high so your feet dangle-even if you are a grown up. with my feet off the ground life doesn't seem so looming. for a few floating minutes it seems that everything will be okay. that the hospital bills will get paid. that our future will be decided and that we'll be okay with the decision. that poor rusty will find a home. that arrested will make a come-back.


the bowling game! the bowling game!

the bowling game was a total sucess this year, despite grandpa's not-so-pleasant mood. he was heard mumbling, "maybe this will be the last bowling game...". no! it was only nash's first! nash and mommy rolled the ball for their prizes together-a gift card to banana and a peter cottontail book. stevie bevie made out like a bandit-he got a socket wrench set, beef jerky, trail mix, socks, an article about how to get his tattoo removed, and a poster of mary-kate and ashley. we are unsure of the reasoning behind that one! maybe this really will be the last bowling game....brad got so creative this year i don't think he can ever top it!