my absolute favorite part of chelsey & james' reception, aside from all the usual bride + groom stuff, was this special moment. lori (chelsey's mom) and her old BYU hawaii roommate, deedee, hadn't seen each other in years (i think maybe since lori's wedding?). i'm pretty sure the sight of each other whisked them both into years passed; squealing, spinning around, hugging and kissing each other, laughing and crying. it's one of those moments i felt honored to capture. and one that left a mascara smudge on my left eye for the rest of the evening (my right eye was too busy working to cry).



BriAnna Jenkins said...

Liz! What a small world! I freaked out when I saw your post this morning! Deedee aka Diane is the YW pres in my ward, and I am the laurel adviser and she was telling us this the sweet story of when this happened at mutual the other night. I called her right away to let her know your web address so she could see for herself. She's going to love it! So glad you caught it!

Harmony said...

You captured that moment so beautifully. I can't wait to see the others.

It was really great seeing you.