first smile

nash is a bit camera shy....actually, he's a bit shy altogether. or something. either way, he prefers to smile and laugh at the side of my face, so catching him on camera wasn't too easy. but here's what we got:


law school shmaw school

we're playing the waiting game that will decide the rest of our lives right now. steve thinks i don't care about all of it, but really, i don't see the point in making a decision right now when we don't know all our options (or what those options will cost us). so far we've got the go-ahead from:

1. University of Utah
2. Arizona State University
3. University of Denver
4. University of Miami
5. UC, Santa Clara
6. University of Colorado

and a wait-list from Emory

we dream about leaving Utah, but at the same time staying is such a safe bet. we've got family here, i've got my job (and that can't be beat), and we do like it, even though we pretend not to. stay tuned for the verdict...


nash + jumparoo = true love

recorded february 10, 2007