we're having a party...

so rock the beat down, rock the beat down*!

regular posting may resume once the party is over.

funny things about this picture:

  • all adults are wearing grey t-shirts. apparently it was a grey kind of day.
  • we have no idea why we were told to throw our hands in the air.
  • it is the only photo of the series where nash didn't have his hand in the air. 

*original lyrics by libby bulkley, around age 6(?), song title unknown. 


st. patrick's day review

the kids woke up to find a trail of shamrocks and leprechaun gold. oh, and a real live leprechaun! he must have fallen asleep on the job. luckily the kids had been prepped and knew that humans can NEVER touch leprechauns. they left him alone and followed his trail to find their 'pots of gold.'


a few video notes: did you hear nash's cough? haven screams "oh my heck!" nash complains that the shovel isn't big enough. ever-concerned, nash asks why the leprechaun didn't bring anything for me. and in case you were wondering what was going on at the end, they went to thank the leprechaun for their presents but he was gone! 

we had fruit loops (a rare & special treat), green eggs, irish soda bread, and green milk for breakfast, then got dressed in our green (above) and put on our shamrock 'taptoos' from the leprechaun. haven also sported rainbow nails (with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

dance class was just as entertaining as the last time. haven was much more comfortable and looked pretty darn cute in her giant tutu. she's the one who's not in pink. what a rebel!

we made fruit loop necklaces for fun. i wasn't planning on taking pictures but i got bored when haven took two hours to make one of hers. the girl really appreciates a creative outlet. plus she was being ridiculously cute.

we also made irish soda bread and attempted to dye it green (which didn't really work). we made it in ramekins this time and took mini loaves to a few friends. they were pretty cute, but i was too lazy to take pictures. and too anxious to eat the leftovers.

the rest of our st. patrick's day festivities were sacrificed to nash's doctor visits, which wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened. i'm not familiar with a vegetarian version of corned beef anyway. so we opted for chinese take-out. probably should have been pinched for that.


st. patrick's day

we've had quite the day. it started out great, just as planned. it had to do with st. patrick's day. rainbow painted nails (above), a visit from a leprechaun, green breakfast and outfits. problem is photobucket is acting up and won't let me upload any of my pictures, so i'll just go ahead and tell you about the lame part of our day, which started at ten.

we were at the gym and i heard my name paged to come to the playroom. nash had been coughing so much that we got the boot. he's been coughing on and off for a few weeks, but has been fine otherwise. he does this every spring-he seems fine until he is outside/in public and then begins to cough. and we're talking a chesty, dramatic cough. last week three moms started yelling at him at the park while he was hacking up a lung. luckily he can't hear over himself when it gets to that point! i realized i'm sick the mean looks i get from other moms and i'm sick of chasing my kid around the playground explaining to other moms that "he just has asthma," so we made an appointment for today* (because tomorrow he is supposed to start soccer).

luckily (and this is the only time i would ever wish for his symptoms be to bad) he woke up coughing and didn't stop (actually, he still hasn't stopped and it's eight at night). so the doctor witnessed first-hand what has been going on. during a nebulizer treatment he stopped coughing and got about twenty minutes of peace, but the cough came right back when the treatment ended. the doctor sent us to get blood drawn and for a chest x-ray. we'll find out the results next week, but for now the doc says he has bronchitis most-likely induced by asthma which is probably due to allergies. for safe-measure he put nash on an antibiotic, singulair (for allergies), and albuterol (inhaler for asthma). he's supposed to stay indoors for five days (no soccer), cut out all dairy/eggs**, and take local honey for the allergies.

he's been such a good sport. i hate to say it, but i love him even more when he's sick. all the nurses were doting on him. they'd come over to the coughing kid, look him in his big eyes and melt. if the eyes didn't do it then his raspy voice swept in to make them weak in their knees. he made me one proud mom today. so sweet and courageous. he's reminded me several times that he only cried a tiny little bit when they drew his blood.

and for that, he earned a non-dairy frozen yogurt with carob chips! mmm...

*we tried to have him checked out once before but his cough refused to make an appearance at the doctor's office and then slowly subsided.
**now that he's off diary/eggs he's a vegan (except for the local honey)! he stopped eating meat a week or so ago after he realized what it is (at least he's refused it when he's been able to make the connection). because i'm such a good mom and i told him all the gory details;) i think we should tell our kids what they're eating and let them make their own decisions. he's only four, but he's smart: today he ordered a cheeseburger at wendy's* and asked for "no pickle, no meat. because i want to be nice to animals." 
i'm afraid i'm going to get nasty comments about the vegan thing, so let me clarify: we don't  eat at wendy's regularly and i don't feed my kids white bread with synthetic cheese + HFCS-laiden ketchup and call that a suitable meal. i don't know if nash is really going to be a vegetarian or vegan. i just think it's fun to talk about this stuff and raise awareness now so my kids have good relationships with healthy food and don't find themselves trying to kick bad habits as adults.


nutcracker, here we come!

haven and sage had their very first dance class together today! haven's been looking forward to it for weeks and was so excited all morning.

once class officially started, she became a little apprehensive. most of the time she looked like this:

sage, on the other hand, was nuts. most of the time she looked like this:

i don't know what this position is called, but haven is her mother's daughter and she is NOT a natural:

despite her unprecedented shyness haven persisted and eventually warmed up. it may have had something to do with miss renee playing music from toy story, but here she is bustin' a move:

she was pretty proud of herself when she came out of her shell and actually did some dancing. i'm excited to see how the rest of the classes go.

and in case you were wondering, yes, nash is still with us ;) 


in which haven is ridiculously cute

i just uploaded a hundred videos to youtube of haven talking and singing. she used to be quite camera-shy but now she asks me to take videos of her all the time. here's a gem:

notes: many of her answers are not true or don't even make sense. her favorite color is not blue. she doesn't like to eat blue. that white cat's name is not jaguar. she's never mentioned lions before. she's only seen eloise one or two times. she never watches diego. and she doesn't really like chocolate. so weird, but she sure is cute!