havey-baby's shirt

i just embellished this cute little kimono-style shirt for little haven. i have so many ideas up my sleeve right now i'm going crazy with anxiety. my plan is to make matching bloomers/diaper covers for all the shirts i embellish, so i've got to figure out how to use my sewing machine!


my boys

nash is NOT a cuddler, but four diarrhea's in one day will wear a kid out! poor little guy...stevie took advantage and i had to grab the camera.


snow days

reaching out to touch the snowflakes-giggles galore.

what is this stuff?

notice the way he walks around the snow...then he falls into it and realizes it's painfully cold. snow day over. 


birthday pics

i have to mention (and this is probably a known factoid about me already) that i am horribly non-photogenic. i mean, i look like a rubber face. different in every picture i am in. when i moved into my freshman dorm i posted a bunch of pics of me with friends on my desk. my roommate (who i hadn't yet met) moved in while i wasn't home and looked at my pictures and had no idea which person was me-because i looked so different in every picture. the below pics are some good examples of my rubbery face, but i have to admit i am rather fond of the pic of me and stevie bevie. 


baby boomlet

it seems like everyone i know is pregnant right along with me this time around. it's fun and exciting, but there are two friends who have amazing stories who are exceptionally lucky to be pregnant. and it makes me feel better about my pregnancy too-it's hard to have friends who want babies so badly but for some reason or another it just hasn't worked out yet while i, on the other hand seem to be fertile myrtle and get pregnant just by thinking about not getting pregnant. "don't think of an elephant."

so, many many congrats are in order first for steph & josh. these two have been trying for a long long time and spent more money and time trying than anyone should ever have to. they are expecting in july!

second, some friends from back home tried and tried for years then finally decided to adopt. they went through the adoption process and everything was great-just a matter of time before the right baby came along. well, wouldn't you know it, once all the mumbo jumbo paperwork and interviews were over, they conceived! then the adoption agency called with an available baby. it's usually not kosher to have babies so close together when adopting, but they were lucky enough to get an exception. So they just adopted a beautiful baby boy and are pregnant with their own man-child too! the babies will be only a few months apart.

more congrats in order for: brian & alison anderson(haven will have a cousin just two months younger!), brian & jenny mcdonough, matt & jessica callan, jill & sean lloyd, ryan & tiffany sleater, doug & krista robinson, katie & shane corrigan, brian & liz shelley, and stevie & stacey taylor. what a baby boom!

and here's hoping none of our bellies get as big as the one in this picture! unless alifinale is indeed having quadruplets (tease)!


indoor roadie in the making

i have been dreaming of this day for months. seriously-i have never longed to work out so much as i have the past few months-since finding out i am pregnant and since my golds gym pass ran out (i bought it on halloween day of '05, signed a two year agreement, and never went once. not even once!). go figure. luckily i have the sweetest hubby in the world who wasn't deterred by the fact that i wasted hundreds on an unused gym pass and haven't ridden my bike more than twice since the ms bike tour. my sweetest hubby still believes that i have it in me to stick with something! so here i go! my kurt kinetic trainer got here yesterday, it's 2008, and it's go time.

p.s. never you fear-these are my "indoor clothes"-i rock it in roadie gear when i'm out on the town, but i could get used to this no-helmet, tv-watching routine!

p.p.s notice my sleek new do! i'm back in black. thanks to L&D for a little birthday pick-me-up!

FDA approves serving your kids CLONED MEAT!

if you're not a vegetarian yet (or have been an off-and-on sort of vegetarian like me) here's why you should go veggie (or renew your commitment). sick, totally sick. this is just the sort of news i needed to make me commit 100%...so, when will you be going veggie?

*for those of you who have not yet purchased my birthday present, the above shirt is available here. and yes, it's available in maternity!

free rice

If you've been looking for a way to fight world hunger, but aren't sure how to get started, here's your answer (thanks tangled and true!).

Even if you're not looking to fight world hunger, you can cure boredom and improve your vocabulary. Here's how it works:

For every vocabulary word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice. In no time at all you will have fed an entire family. So let's get playing. Visit www.freerice.com and help end world hunger.

*If you plan to make a habit of it-go to "Options" and set them to "remember me." This way the site will total all your grains of rice every time you visit! I just donated 600 grains in about six minutes-what are you waiting for?


toddle time

nash is a walking machine. i had a feeling it would just "click" one of these days and i was right. he finally mastered his skills over christmas break at my parent's house. i 'm thinking their level floors may have been some help!


catch up

it's been a while, so if i don't do this quick and with little detail, i'll never post about the last few weeks. wait-i pretty much took a sleeping vacation, so there isn't much to tell!

christmas: nash's second christmas proved to be quite lucrative for the little toddler. and i say "toddler" because he is in fact toddling on his two little legs (finally). not only did he make out like a bandit with gifts galore from friends and family, but he got to spend tons of quality time with his maternal grandparents. he was an angel on the flight to PA making no more than a few happy peeps. he was less of an angel on the way back, but all in all i'd say he's a trooper of a traveler.

pa: lots of sleeping in, napping, and watching the modelthon (america's next top model). nash had his best moment yet in 'the history of nash'. at dinner one night he stood up in his high chair and began to deliver a sermon to the masses. he literally went on and on, gesturing and pointing to the heavens, for fifteen minutes while we all laughed ourselves to tears. i think i managed to capture a bit of it on my new video cam (yay!), so i'll have to post that soon. haven made out like a bandit on the pa trip and now has close to a full wardrobe (but that won't stop me...).

and now we're back home: steve came back a week ago and nash and i came back last night. our first day back was a busy one with haven's 20-week ultrasound with the perinatologist. everything looks perfect and the doctor managed to get ahold of my neurologist to squeeze me in next week so i can get some treatment for my ms symptoms. anyway, haven is definitely a girl and is measuring a little big (13 oz) and so my due date is now may 26th, although my c-section will probably remain scheduled for the 21st.

and today is my birthday. the big 27. it feels weird to be so old in numbers. we celebrated with the bffs and the duncans by going to dinner at bombay house (tradition) and then saw juno (loved it). stevie bevie (with the help of the in-laws) got me a kurt kinetic trainer for my bike so i can train and ride in the house! i'm so excited. my goal is to be able to do the ms bike tour again this summer (only a month after little haven comes). thanks to everyone for the gifties and birthday calls. i wish i had more birthdays so that holwonder would leave me messages with her beautiful singing voice.....


new year's '08

new years with the martin siblings (+ kelly) in good ol oil city, pa. it was a festive night (?) with fireworks and a little of emilie's mad woman dancin'.