merry christmas to all

{insert picture* of my perfect little children in their christmas jammies holding cookies and carrots for santa and his reindeer in front of the christmas tree.}

{insert another picture* of same children holding same objects in same place. now imagine haven screaming and pointing at the cookies while nash screams back at her yelling "no! they are for santa!"}

...and to all a good night!

*these pictures do exist but they are on my camera whose partner in crime, the mac, has died. this also accounts for my lack of posting, but christmas miracles happen and a new computer is in the works! hopefully the miracles continue and my photos from october to yesterday can be recovered...picture overload coming soon!


yesterday's snow day

emmy came up saturday night and got snowed in-it dumped all night. so we had a little fun yesterday-poor little haven needs some snow clothes-her red 3T snow pants and nash's old shoes just aren't cutting it and i have a feeling this girl is not done playing in the snow. she loved it. nash too, but that's old news.










of course we watched the snowman (we do almost every day-it mesmerizes them and i get thirty minutes to myself!) and drank hot chocolate. they keep looking out the window to see if their little "baby haven" snowman is still there. she's lost her nose (made of green pepper) and her arms are drooping, but she's still there keeping the monsters away. haven squeals every time she sees her through the window. by the way, have i mentioned how cute she is lately? everything is magic and she makes the cutest little "ooh"s. plus she's getting more cuddly and has the cutest gap-toothed grin and twinkly eyes you've ever seen. she makes me melt...


bird's nest, crows at sunset, or...

nash's masterpiece 12.2

nash colored this today. i promptly hung it on the fridge, not really looking at it. then i walked by and it caught my eye. and i can't stop staring at it. maybe it's because it's the first thing he's drawn that isn't pure chaos. there's some order here, there is a limited color-scheme, there's motion, there is good use of positive and negative space... i don't want to over-analyze my three-year old's art, but i will say i am in love with this "piece." may it be the first of many!

thanks to emmy for the art box-this boy is putting it to good use!

p.s. since high school i've dreamed of having a big white wall in my home with nothing but my children's art displayed on it. framed. gallery-style. i think this will be the first installment once we have a wall to curate. isn't it weird/great/almost scary when your dreams start to become a reality?