just married


she (they) did it!!! it was the HOTTEST wedding day ever. more photos to come once i get home.


gina bina said...

Yeah! Congrats to Emily!

lisset said...

bow chicka bow wow! or as ethan says, chickabowow. congrats to the newlyweds!! not get your arse back here so we can play. :)

Harris Family said...

Congrats!! I'm so excited for Emily!! Can't wait to see more photos. I miss you!! Hope all is well with getting renters too.

Phoenix is sooo hot! Vegas is prob too. I never thought I'd miss utahs weather. :).

Love you!! Have fun in PA!

J-ROK LGM said...

they did it? TMI ;) hahaha!

Mel said...

I can't believe I couldn't be there! I'm so sad, but I'm so happy for Emmers!!!!