sneak peek: kosker family pile


julie was the winner of my giveaway back in march and we shot this last week while i was home in pennsylvania. i haven't seen julie since high school and it was so fun to meet her cute little family. hazel just had her first birthday so it was the perfect time for some pictures.

i can't wait to edit the rest of the photos-but at the same time i'd like to fast-forward to september so i don't have to think about all the things i have to do from now till then: edit, shoot, edit, have a garage sale, pack, clean, move out, take care of kids, three doctor visits, two weddings, find a place to live, move in, unpack, organize...and i've completely lost my summer tan already...so i've got to try and fit some pool time in there somewhere. most of this without my bevie since he's already in vegas getting ready for/taking the bar and then starting his new job. wish me luck and preserved sanity ;)


J-ROK LGM said...

ahhh! that is so dang cute and spontaneous! What a moment :) Thanks for capturing it!

Can't wait to see more, but boy am I glad I'm not you right now... you need a personal staff to accomplish all the things on your list!

M. Kasch said...

That's a beautiful picture! It helps that the family is so dang cute! I can't wait to see the rest! You've got some serious talent, Liz.