this little cutie is one week younger than haven. yet she has a gorgeous head of hair, full of curly locks. she may even have more hair than i do. i might be just a little jealous, but i think a hair-stylist mommy deserves such a child. i probably wouldn't know what to do with so much hair anyway.


lisa + aaron {sneak peak}


more to come...LOVED this place


a big first


nash started preschool last tuesday. when we woke up it was cloudy for the first time since our arrival in las vegas and there was a double rainbow. we took a few photos (i did not direct him, this was all him. nerd.). then we dropped him off at miss jamie's house. he was pretty excited but then when i picked him up and asked him how it was and what he learned he said "i'll tell you tomorrow." he said the same thing on thursday. he just needs a little time to mull things over i guess. but i did overhear him tell haven, "miss jamie said we never kick or hit or push." and he sings a really, really terrible rendition of a song with the same lyrics.

there are probably a million other things i should update on, but i'm sort of feeling "over" blogging...maybe i was away too long? a few las vegas highlights so far:

  • aside from starting preschool nash also started sleeping in underwear. and eating sprouts.
  • we've killed a LOT of bugs (cockroaches, black widows, crickets)
  • every time we are out driving after dark the kids scream "lights of las vegas! lights of las vegas!"
  • and every time we drive anywhere else, any time of day, they yell "palm trees! palm trees!"
  • the first week it was one thing after another...first the disposal, then the dishwasher, then the lights, then a barking dog (well, the dog was/is an everyday problem). but it seems the kinks are all worked through now....knock on wood...
  • we have played with cousins almost every day since we moved in
  • havey got a big girl bed (which will also serve as the guest bed-come visit!)
and, drumroll....
  • i actually like it here 
i know.