and we're off...


we're all packed up in a budget truck and we're headed south to our new home...which i haven't even seen yet (yikes!). internet access may be scarce for a while..see you on the other side.


happy birthday, bevie!!!

we miss you and love you and are so sorry we are so far away...five more days and you'll be wishing we were far away again ;)

and something fun for the rest of you, here's stevie bevie at age 3 (26 years ago).

isn't he the cutest?





i'm already failing at the picture-a-day thing. but i have a really good excuse-my parents have been here. they stayed after the wedding junk was over to help me with the kids, since i had four different appointments on three different days in salt lake (reminder: i don't live there any more so it's now a commute). one of those little appointments came with some really great news. it was my six-month tysabri follow-up. i had MRIs and labwork done two weeks ago in preparation for this follow-up visit. i wasn't expecting much; when i first started on tysabri the doctor told me that it's not that common to see lesion reduction, especially not until after at least a year of treatment. and lots of people never see any reduction (for those people tysabri just stops progression of the disease). well, i have had "a significant reduction of lesions" and have "no active lesions." i'm actually getting a little better!!! and i feel a million times better. let's just say monday was a great day. so great, in fact, that i decided to celebrate with a chick-fil-A sandwich + honey mustard dressing. the chicken wasn't worth it, but man, that dressing...


emmy + nate {open house}


emmy's open house was on saturday. i'm still recovering from all the hard work. i think it turned out pretty fabulous, but i was so tired by the time it happened that i was pretty lazy about the picture-taking.


  • nate & em made homemade ice cream (pistachio, mango & vanilla) 
  • chocolate-dipped waffle + sugar cones with sprinkles, nuts & rainbow chips 
  • key lime + cheesecake filled cupcakes, 
  • chocolate dipped cookies 
  • lemon + cucumber flavored waters. 
  • twinkle lights + tissue pom garlands + japanese lanterns 
  • an intimate dance party at the very end.

now they're back in arizona doing the newly-wed thing, apparently still in love ;) and we're returning all the crap we didn't use + getting ready for the final phase of our move to las vegas in two weeks (where we'll reunite with bevie). i can't wait to be with just my little family and have nothing to do but be together...


brother + sister

a few notes:

  • they are so* related.
  • nash is swimming! this is a big deal. something that warrants its own post (coming soon).
  • i love these two.
*use of the word "so" dedicated to my dad. 



for the rest of august i'm going to take a cue from sheena and post one picture a day. we'll see if i can handle it, but for today...this is (one-third of) what keeps me going:



mr. funny-groom


just editing photos and came across this one...he thought he was pretty funny. okay, we all did. for some reason the pigeon-toe thing just isn't cute on dudes.