intro to yoga

welcome. we are nash and haven, skilled yogis trained in the art of presence. please enjoy while we share with you our practice.



these two are unreal. the other day i came out of the kitchen to find them deep in their practice. they had pulled out the mats, put in a yoga DVD and nash was instructing haven. i grabbed the camera and stealthily documented (and somehow they kept going!). if only i had video-haven was grunting during her down dog and they both were doing some impressive belly breathing. man, i love these guys.


house updates

nash's room

i've decided to start tackling each room of our house one-by-one to make sure it is ready to "show" in a few months. nash's room was first on the list since it was the closest to being ready anyway. i changed out the artwork in his frames and got him some fun new sheets a little while ago. then i got rid of the cradle (from havey), swapped out the rocking chairs, got the new bookshelf i'd been wanting since before he was born, and finally have been able to display his books and toys. i think it looks so much better and the kids are keeping things in their places, so i think that means its pretty functional, too. i also made the little buntings above the windows, three dollars well-spent!

next up: haven's room. we're building a wall w/door this weekend!


havey grel

as emmy noted in a comment, nash has been getting a lot of face-time around here. so i decided to give haven some attention and began a post to focus solely on her. but then it got a little out of hand and became a novel and i moved it to her blog. if that didn't scare you off, you can read about her here. she's a character, our havey grel (that's "nash-talk" for havey girl).




he always puts his unnerwears on backward. look at those dimpled butt cheeks.


nash's prayers

some more nash (there is no picture, only sound) saying his bedtime prayer a few nights ago:

note to family: if you weren't named it is probably because it had been more than three days since he'd seen you (either in person or via skype), don't feel bad.

some nights he manages to name every single person in our entire extended family. some nights he gets lazy and keeps the list very short including just me and bevie. he rarely includes havey anymore, although he usually still says "help me sleep good, wake up happy and be the best brother"-something's making me think he doesn't quite grasp that one yet. and it's always fun when he throws in something like "thanks for grandma giving me the presents."


nash's first ski day

looks like my little dude has more guts than me, and he's just barely three. dad took him skiing at alta today-i know nothing about the sport, but mr. nash looks pretty adorable in those little boots and "big boy" skis. {and he waved to me-i'm so special!}


hello 2010

and goodbye 2009. here's the year in review:

ltb turns 28 and has not one photo to prove it (score!), which is funny since she got her new camera...

ltb ceases taking photos of her own children and family and begins taking pictures of others, leaving her with no photos for the month of february. oops.

or march

four year anniversary, havey's first easter, and vacation house!

havey baby turns one

cross-country road trip (and nash potty trains), ltb gets to wear an eye patch, ms bike tour

the dog days of summer: living poolside and long walks in search of sprinklers (nash):

the beeves turns 28 and shows up his nieces with his shimmy skills:

ltb finally caves and gets her utah driver's license (ten years after moving to utah):

little garden gnomes take over the streets of orem:

nash turns 3:

a merry little christmas

all in all, it was a good year. we're hoping 2010 is a little more kind in the way of health and wealth, but we can't complain. we are fortunate to live where we do and be surrounded by the people we love (and get visits from the ones who don't live nearby).

happy new year!