{andybob's wedding stuff}

andybob gets married tomorrow and the event is consuming me.....about twenty hours at the computer creating a DVD, a bridal shower, 200 dipped cookies, and a wedding dinner later and i am about half way done. now i just have to tackle the flower situation (too bad the wholesaler blew it on the order and left us with next to nothing!) . i'm terrified about this, but neccessity is the mother of all invention, and i am the mother of the mother of all invention! creativity lizzy, here i come! ...after a good night's sleep. wish me luck! pics to astonish you on their way (*hopefully*)!

6.2.07- the wedding was a smash!!! i didn't have the time or energy to take a single pic. i'll have to wait for the photographer's pics.

a few more 100

k...i had this saved to finish up, but i'll just post what i have now, since i am so swamped with the wedding. i'm really starting to stretch for these. apparently i'm a pretty shallow person, because i can't even think of 100 "real" things about myself.

71. in sixth grade my dad made me get new glasses. they were large. very very large. only my disastrous 6th grade picture can convey to you my utter embarrassment. maybe i'll share it with you in a future post {?}.

72. i don't drink milk. it makes me sick and i can taste funny things in it...."this cow got into an onion patch..."

73. i think it's stupid that "friday night lights" isn't shown on friday.

74. i don't like to talk on the phone. text. text. text.

75. i can never remember which way wierd is spelled. is it weird, or wierd? so i often substitute with bizarre.

76. i like to sneak peaks at nash while he's sleeping late at night. i make stevie bevie get out of bed: "let's go look at nash!". as if i've never seen him.

77. i've been called dumbo and chicken legs and flat face (remember my sixth grade glasses? well, they flattened out the curves in my profile).

78. i've never been to philadelphia even though i'm from pennsylvania.


the weekend

my weekends are as busy as anyone elses. at least i think so, but why does it seem that i am the only blogger who posts past thursday evening? i check in often, and yet no one posts....which leaves me asking myself: do i post? if i post, will everyone else think i have nothing better to do? or if i post, will it free others who were also troubled with the previous question (and everyone will blog as freely on the weekend as they do during the week!)? so here i am, posting on a saturday afternoon, asking you, my bloggy friends, to please take a minute to post.

and just so you know, i'm going to pirates tonight with jillie & sloyd. so there, i do have a life!


touch ups

i don't think one should do a lot of "touching up" with holga photos, which is why i left the 8 ball (i have no idea where that came from) and the seams and highlights in the top of the picture....but you'll notice i did get rid of the outlet & cable under the chair arm....and of course, everything's better with a border.


holga trial #2

with holgas, what you see is not what you get. sometimes not even close! the viewfinder doesn't match what is actually captured by the lens....the manual "focus" mechanism is near worthless-and again, isnt' reflected in the viewfinder. it's a bunch of trial and error. so here is try #2. 4 out of 12 shots isn't too bad, right? and that's a strechy 4....they aren't focused, but i still like them. the first one has the best picture quality, the second melts my heart despite it's fuzziness, the third one is..."interesting," and i love the profile shadow in the last one.

welcome stevie bevie!!!

stevie bevie has finally folded and has joined the blogosphere {by my force}! welcome, stevie bevie, we love you! never you fear, bloggy friends, i will help keep his blog visually aesthetic-he is a bit lacking in that department {you'll see his color choices are already questionable}. but content?! oh, i can assure you he's got the talent and it will be good. real good.


PGD & MS seeking MNT

prettiest green dress {with matching shoes} seeking matching neck tie.......

i got this dress for my little brother's wedding next thursday, but we have yet to find a matching tie for stevie bevie. i really want to find a neck tie with a vintage feel that will coordinate with my dress......anyone have any ideas? help!!!!


100 things, part deux

51. my mom was on the phone when i was little and i overheard her say "um...49." i decided to repeat that phrase for days on end. when we got a new refridgerator, i used the box to make a house and called it my 49-House. 49 is still my favorite number.

52. i won a gingerbread house contest in my hometown when i was in sixth grade. it was a gingerbread church with candy stained glass windows. i know, i am so domestic.

53. i was a vegetarian for a little over a year (for no reason). it ended on our honeymoon when i got sick of eating french fries. i had a burger. as a vegetarian, i never felt better, but i just can't get back into the groove.

54. the first play i was in (aside from my part as a noodle in my kindergarten play about the food groups) was "the wizard of oz." i was the tornado (no, i'm not kidding). i was martha cratchett (tiny tim's sister) in "scrooge". and was also in "brigadoon," for which my boyfriend and i painted the set-an old castle thing.

55. i am a coordinating freak. the only visible toys in nash's room even coordinate. i can't have it any other way. somewhere i got the idea that my house needs to look like a magazine-even if it is tiny and everything in it is cheap or a knock-off (thanks to ikea).

56. i really want to learn to sew. but not so much that i have actually tried. not since the 6th grade when i made a dress...i've got to find a picture of that beauty!

57. the jetted tub in our master bath is actually used for my clean clothes (after the dryer, before i put them away). since my dirty clothes cover every other surface, and with a shedding dog lurking, stevie has decided this is the best place for them.

58. the first cd i ever got was "genesis." the one with "i can't dance." my dad broke it in half because he disapproved of the song "no son of mine" and bought me my second cd. it was the alladin soundtrack.

59. i get car sick and motion sick quite easily. especially with age. i threw up over the side of our boat on a snorkel tour in hawaii over thanksgving of '05.

60. stevie bevie and i swam with sharks on our honeymoon. i was sort of scared to do it, but if i didn't get in the cool water i was going to throw up (motion sickness again!). it was intensely cool.

61. i use nash as an excuse to leave church early nearly every sunday! (sorry amy!)

62. i think it would be uber cool to live in a modern tree house.

63. but i'll settle for any house that i get to build myself, controlling every little detail.

64. i gained 32 lbs. when i was pregnant. it finally took me into the "average" weight class for my build.

65. i used to dream about my future home where every last thing was handmade. now that i have a kid i see the complete absurdity in that wish...

66. i sleep on my stomach with my hands under me. so does nash.

67. i love bubble lights. you know, the christmas lights that look like little mini lava lamps, of sorts.

68. i love anything ginger.

69. i peed my pants at school in second grade. it was my special week, so my mom was already coming in to do my spotlight. everyone had to wait for me on the story carpet while i changed my clothes.

70. i stopped my cruiser bike by putting my bare foot in the spokes. not on purpose-i was trying to do a trick. after i came to a screaching halt, foot stuck in spokes, laura and diane panicking, i managed to pry it out without a tear. i was on crutches for two months (?) and got to quit my jobs. it was the laziest summer of my life.


nash the fwoggy

look at this kid....he's a real boy! and look at his poor little red nose (i changed the pic to black and white, so you can't see the red nose anymore!). we've all been sick as dogs, but nash has been a great sport. we took a tub tonight and he got to dry off with his froggy from auntie diane. thanks, d! i just can't believe this kid is growing so fast. when we first had him, all the dads i know would say that babies get fun around 6 months old, and all the mom's would get mad and say that they are fun from the start. i'm going to have to side with the dads on this one. those first few months were far from fun. emotional breakdowns, constipation, wacky sleep. NOW he is fun....i am really starting to like being a mom. and really wanting to to quit my job so i can join the mommy play-dates and lunches going on all around me...

100 things about me part uno

my mom is coming into town tonight for my brother's upcoming wedding. on top of work and mommying, i anticipate this to be a very busy time...too busy to blog? i think not...but, just in case i have decided to copy an idea of jewels' (that she copied) and do a series of postings about me. i know, i know-you have been waiting by your computers (hopefully macs) salivating in anticipation for this. you all want to know, "what is it that makes liz so bitchin?" well. i am here to spell it out for you. with 100 things about me! i'll start with fifty tonight.

1. i hate when people say "half-a-dozen." we all know that's "six," right? what's the point? it takes longer to say and is just hoity toity (or as holwonder says, ce voius plais).

2. i stole a piece of bubble gum when i was 4. i hid it in our guest bathroom hamper until my mom found it doing laundry. she made me return it.

wow. this is harder than i thought....

3. stevie bevie was the 32nd person i kissed (or who kissed me....). i was his 8th (i think).

4. we were about half-a-dozen seconds away from giving nash the middle name: radical. i wish we had.

5. i have tried to learn to play the guitar on several occasions. the farthest i got was the first line of a ben harper song.

6. i sometimes lie awake in bed thinking about home improvement projects. actually, more than sometimes; a lot.

7. i don't like shopping with other people.

8. when i was probably about 7 (?) i was extremely upset at my mother. i packed my bags (hobo style-you know, a bandanda on a stick) and sent her a note (in paper airplane form) down the stairs that said: "i'm leaving. this just isn't working out. please don't try to find me."

9. my sister once peed on me in the shower. i know, gross. but this is funny: she was standing up on with her feet on the sides of the tub and said something about her being superman. i was sitting in the tub below her, shower on, totally unaware that she was peeing on me until i tasted something a little salty...she got it good from my dad!

10. out of the 32 guys i kissed, only 7 became boyfriends. and only 1 of them became a husband. i have a very low retention rate, but this is a good thing husband-wise. right!?

11. i love paper. i love to write letters on funky paper, make my own cards and wrapping paper, and i love the smell of fresh copied paper.

12. i love to buy presents. and then making all the different parts of the present coordinate-wrapping included. i have considered employment as a gift shopper-but this requires living in a big city. so no go.

13. i really want a sugar glider. stevie bevie thinks they are scarey (cause they glide=fly)-and now that i have a kid i know i have to squash this dream, but they are soooo cute! stevie bevie wanted a pot bellied pig for a while, but we got a dog instead. boring!

14. our song (stevie bevie and me) is michael bolton's "said i loved you, but i lied." i got it engraved inside his wedding ring.

15. we have a wine collection consisting of 10 bottles. i've never tasted wine.

16. my first job was at burger king. second was wal-mart.

17. the state of utah has a warrant out for my arrest! yikes. i just can't get myself down to the station to pay my $89 ticket that i never knew i had!

18. i've only had fake nails three times in my life. and my wedding wasn't one of them.

19. i was sent to in-school suspension for 2 days for mooning on the bus home from an away volleyball game during my senior year. turns out it was one of the freshman's mothers.

20. i was never nominated for court for a dance in high school.

21. i was "scouted" by modelling agencies three of the four times i went to NYC. (if you've seen me lately you'll know this was years ago! i wouldn't stand a chance now). i even won a modelling competition in my state, but it turned out to be a scam.

22. when i was in elementary school i was obsessed with stories of slavery and the underground railroad. i would cry my eyes out reading stories about the slaves' failed escape attempts. harriet tubman was my idol.

23. i hate jane austen books (and the movies too).

24. i am obsessed with dark chocolate. even still, i would gladly choose thai ruby's coconut sticky rice with a fresh mango half on top over a dark chocolate morsel anyday.

25. i have a weakness for men playing harmonicas. stevie bevie doesn't think it's all that great, but it makes me weak in the knees.

26. when stevie bevie and i were dating, he played the piano for me at his parent's house and i totally lost it and started crying. he swept me off my feet.

27. my favorite holiday is halloween. i have an entire closet of costumes at my parent's house and a bag of my own here. i wear a different one for each event-sometimes that's a whole week of partying! last year i was a pregnant pirate. argh. i already bought nash's costumer for this year (before he was born!)

28. i love gingersnaps. my mom mails me bags of them over christmas and that's all i eat for days.

29. in high school my two different gym teachers pulled me aside to confront my "anorexia" problem (which didn't exist). my mom called them both and asked them if they haven't ever seen my brother. ha.

30. i love when people say "clearly." don't ask my why, but it makes me chuckle.

31. luke wilson would be my second husband in heaven. if that didn't only apply to men, but let's not get into that cause it's creepy.

32. i graduated college with a BS in Landscape and Urban Horticulture. since my graduation i haven't landscaped a thing. not even my own yard.

33. alright! yay for me-15 down and 85 to go. more to come....

34. i hate the smell of syrup. it reminds me of those gross kids in kindergarten whose mom's didn't wipe their faces or make them brush their teeth after breakfast.

35. my dad once made me eat cheerios in orange juice (i had tried to throw them in the sink when he wasn't looking, so that was my punishment.) it tasted like puke.

36. i'm a sucker for cool product packaging.

37. my favorite color is green. followed closely by turquoise.

38. i have more christmas decorations than i do every-day decorations. my house looks lush during the holidays (comparatively).

39. i have had 7 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 4 parakeets, and billions of fish in my lifetime.

40. when i was little i got a red wallet as a gift. i went to church with my dad (he travelled to other wards) and overheard him saying to someone that brother so-and-so needed a new coat. brother so-and-so's elbows were torn. so my dad gave him the one he was wearing. i gave my wallet to brother so-and-so's son.

41. i have a folder in my email account labeled "dad's epistles." he hates to talk on the phone and prefers to send us very lengthy emails about all sorts of subjects. i keep them to look back on. someday i'll make them into a book.....

42. my mom has a degree in spanish (this is a funny joke for my family members). she really does, but one day at family dinner we made fun of her burnt hamburgers and she broke down and cried out "i have a degree in spanish." probablly not funny to the outsider, but we still quote it.

42. i am the oldest of three children. i always wished i'd had an older brother, so i was happy to know that, since my first child is a boy, if i ever have a girl-she will have an older brother.

43. i have been to germany, austria, switzerland, and france. all in three weeks.

44. i still correspond with my third grade teacher, Mrs. Presco, and my high-school art teacher, Mrs. Hood-Terman.

45. i am afraid of heights. but i'm overcoming this the more i climb with stevie bevie.

46. i am really good at balderdash (a lying game), but i can't tell a real lie without laughing.

47. i bought my first pair of seven jeans 2.5 years ago and still wear them. they are trashed, but i love them.

48. i am obsessed with having a clean house, but i can't manage to hang my clothes up. my bedroom, closet, and bathroom look like a bomb went off.

49. i love sun. tannning, swimming, and laying out. skin cancer is definitely on the horizon.

50. i have always been attracted to "reformed bad boys." when i was dating around, i used this as a qualifier : "he has to look like he's at least touched a joint." ha. what was i thinking?


nash (hearts) camping

it is confirmed-nash is a hippie at heart!

last year stevie bevie and i went on a several-day trip to maple canyon. we took lex and the sweet "cabin"-of-a-tent that i got stevie for father's day. a few of his guy friends tagged along and we did a little climbing and hiking. i was about 17 weeks along in my pregnancy (i think) and it was the first time i felt a real, unmistakable kick. up to that point i had only felt the gas-like flutters, but this time as we sat around the campfire my arms, resting on my belly, felt a jolt. i screamed! i joked that little baby boy (at the time unnamed) knew we were out in nature and was going to be a little hippie.

if you know nash, you know that he is a pretty mellow little dude. happy and quiet most of the time. there are occasional laugh attacks and shouts, but most of the time he just hangs out watching and making funny faces. ever since he was an itty-bitty lump, he's liked the outdoors. when he had crazy crying attacks during the GERD days, i could take him out in the freezing winter and he'd instantly calm down.

this weekend confirmed our suspicions: this kid loves being outside. we went on an overnight camp-out to maple with ance & lali (w/maebe in her tummy!) and lexi. we took nash on a hike in the baby bjorn and constant screams of joy echoed through the canyon. he slept better than he has ever slept in his short little life. and he had the biggest, longest, loudest laugh attack in the history of nash. i love this kid more than i have ever loved anything.....

lexi, our first baby, had a blast as well. she loves being able to roam free. she's the hardest dog to wear out, but after a few hours of running the woods, she came back to the campsite and collapsed, in her most dramatic fashion. when we got home she banished herself to her kennel and slept for about fifteen hours solid! now that is a sign of a successful trip.




it took me a while to realize that today, mother's day, is a celebration for ME! that's right-i'm a mom. i'm not sure if that will ever sound right to me, but hooray anyway. hooray because i have the chance to raise the most perfect little nash that ever lived. hooray because i've had the chance to bring a sweet boy into the world who makes all my days (i'm being idealistic here when i say all) happier and more fulfilling. hooray because i have the chance to make a small difference in the world. because i am a mommy. horray for mommies & motherhood.

okay-and to you!

i was being selfish-happy mother's day to you too-mommies of the blogosphere. here's wishing you a lazy day of cuddling with the chilluns and breakfasts in bed. and maybe a little lovin from the daddies.

and happy mother's day to my mom. the best mom i could ever ask for. seriously. except when you brought your dog to stay with me without asking. but i'll forgive you for that today-because it's mother's day and i love you more than i love my house and its carpet.


blue eyes

this adorable blue eyed nash potato is betrothed! maebe is on her way! that's right-ance & lali have finally conceived. and, amazing as it is to me, they were able to keep it a secret for nearly 11 weeks!!! i lasted .11 seconds from the time my little pee-stick said "pregnant" before sending out a mass text. i am the worst secret-keeper ever.


my first holga

a few years ago, before i met steve, i was taking an ethnobotany course to prepare for a trip to tonga. half the class was going to study art, half to study ethnobotany. our prep course was combined and one of the art teachers had us all purchase Holga cameras. he helped us modify them (they are light-leaky when you buy them) and sent us snapping. i never developed the roll-until yesterday. i guess i didn't wind the film correctly, so the shop only managed to salvage a few pics. this one is my favorite. more to come....when i'm home on the glorious mac.


deep in the heart of texas

after spending the last 52 hours straight with my co-workers, i am about to die. still 24 hours to go.....(i'm getting a two hour break right now while they are at spiderman). texas is a pretty cool place-this is my first time. highlights:

superchurches on one side of the street with stores named "condom sense" on the opposite side

meat. i've never seen so much of it. (not sure if that's actually a highlight or not-it may help me get back into my once-vegetarian ways)

the trade show. we run around gathering up loads of free goodies that, once we will get home, will immediately lose the value we think they have in the moment. except the free leatherman-that was legit. not sure my neon & mesh dishnetwork bag is going to make it off the flight, though.

got the "eliminator's" autograph for brad, since he sometimes watches cage fighting. he (the eliminator) was sort of creepy.

got my picture with scooby and superman (who looked like stretch armstrong with a spotted tan-picture on the way!).

was interviewed by Dish for the Team Summit special. i'm horribly camera shy -so when you see it on DishTV you'll be abe to recognize me by my bright red face and nervous laugh. ugh.

crazy train rain.

the rangers vs. the yankees. not my idea of fun, but i guess it was a cool experience. very cool ballpark in arlington.

al gore. oh wait, i slept through that- I SLEPT IN!!!

the stars at night are big and bright

everything really is bigger in texas, including the resort we are staying at. getting to our room is about all the exercise i can handle in a day. dish network has had a great entertainment line up for us that we would have loved to enjoy had we not managed to get lost every time we've left the resort so far! torrential rains and flash floods have also made this quite exciting. we'll be back saturday night, so more to come then.


oh happy day!

in a few hours i will be picking this beauty up from the dealer!!! wahooo! i have been drooling over this car since honda announced it's release in 2002! thanks, atlas, for a sweet job that allowed me to make my dreams come true!

p.s. please do not spoil my happy day by telling me how much you don't like these cars! lots of people don't, but i am not like lots of people! i love this car!