happy birthday...cha cha cha!

friday was a day of wallowing and i completely forgot to post in honor of holwonder and libby lou's birthdays. better late than never, and i DID make hol the most delectable chocolate cake, so i'm not a complete jerk.

so here's to libby lou & holwonder-two of my most favoritest girls in all the land.

only libby lou can write a song with the lyrics : 'it's okay if accidents come again. your parents still love you.' and 'city city of st. george, city city of salt lake, city city on the hill, city city everywhere.' i love love love this little girl with her head in the clouds, her passion for chackstip and all things girlie, her sweet giggles and her diva attitude.

holwonder? she is the only person i know who gets as excited about presents (both giving and getting), halloween, and christmas as i do. she is a true mother-in-zion (!) and has more fun with her kids than any mom i know. even if she does say "boobs" instead of "boots" and stays out...till 3:30-irty-irty. she's the sweetest, most thoughtful girl i know, but she still packs a heck of a punch.

hope your birthdays were packed with fun, love and lots and lots of treats. i love yous.


need recipes

now that i'm a housewife i figure i should probably start acting the part. i'm not sure i can promise to keep up on the laundry-it's my least favorite task, but i'm willing to try my hand at cooking meals. here's my problem: i need more recipes. i know there are billions online, but i want ones that i can actually make-knowing that you've been successful at them. nothing too fancy schmancy, please-we're starving students again! so, if you have a family favorite recipe you would be willing to share with me, send it on over!


we went to the pumpkin patch tonight to get pumpkins for nash's first halloween. for those of you who have yet to go (and live in utah) there is a great patch called mabey's in south jordan. we got three decent sized pumpkins and cornstalks for $12! i can't promise that they didn't give us a good deal because of our "beautiful baby girl," but i'm sure they'll hook you up to0!


costume dilemma

the law school halloween party is fast approaching and i desperately need help! as you know, nash is being a shark this year. the plan has been that stevie bevie and i would go as his shark attack victims (an attacked swimmer/tourist, and a lifeguard). here's where i need your help. one of stevie bevie's law school peers is missing an arm. the plan was for stevie to be dressed up in a tattered hawaiian shirt with a missing arm-the victim. obviously you can see our concern here. so, my question is this: if you were missing a limb, would you be offended by a halloween costume involving the same missing limb? in case this influences your answer, the peer did not lose his arm in a shark attack.


london calling...

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique soul like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

and to think-i've never been! oh, naomi........let's go!


in light of the uncertainties of my current employment situation (remember grrrr....? more details later, once i actually know what's going on), i have decided to push a little harder on my graphic interests (not that kind of graphic, who do you think i am?!). i have been doing business logos and other small projects on the side for a while now, but i have decided to begin marketing myself and hopefully keep our law school debts in a manageable range! soo.....if any of you (or people you know/work for) are in need of graphic artist services PLEASE send them my way. and check out my portfolio!



another amazing wal-mart find: the roxanne crib (shown here converted to a toddler bed)
and multidot bedding. i think i like this even more than the parklane.



go figure, i spent months and months trying to find an affordable modern crib and bedding set and wal-mart decides to come out with both after i've already had to make my purchases. for those of you who have babies looming on the horizon, you should definitely check this out.

non-call center cling-on

yesterday was my last day of work managing the call center. today i get to be a work- at- home mom. is this a good thing? here are my concerns: i'll be shut off from the rest of the world. nash will become super attached to me. i'm not as worried about being bored-there is always plenty of tv to watch, cleaning and painting and organizing and remodeling to do, and i'll be starting up my graphic design position. but it's just me and nash now. don't get me wrong, i love my boy, but right now when i leave him, he just watches me go and is fine with it. i don't want him to have that realization that when i go away i'm going away! i don't want to deal with fits of crying and pounding his head on the floor (my little cousin used to do that). but if he's with ME all day, every day at this time in his life when things are starting to really make sense, am i setting myself up for disaster? i think most moms worry that they won't be able to stay home with their kids and be with them every step of the way. here i am, lucky enough to be able to work from home and be with my son all day, and i'm thinking it's not the best situation. i went back to work with nash after only a week or so. he's practically been raised in the call center with all my friends and family there. and if not there he's at grandma's with the cousins. he's used to that social atmosphere. i'm just so scared he'll turn into a needy, clingy little guy that drives me mad! any tips from you experienced mommies?