10 months

nash turned 10 months old while i was in powell. i can't even believe he's almost a year old! he is my little buddy and i heart him more than the world. i completely spaced his nine-month appointment, so we went in this morning for it. i was so thrilled that he didn't have to get any shots-i was actually nervous that he'd be mad and me and it would ruin our good streak (he's been super cuddly and gives me kisses and has been extra fun/happy). the pictures above were taken yesterday-we got to bust out his new fall wardrobe with the cool air that has rolled in. i think i am most excited about fall for this reason: nash has the BEST fall/winter wardrobe! and the best HALLOWEEN costume...anyway, back to the dr. appointment. his stats were not-at-all surprising for the most part:

length: 30 inches; 83% percentile; average length for 10 months is 28.8 inches
weight: 21.2 pounds; 46% percentile; average weight for age is 21.4 (so he's NOT a tank!)

and here's the fun one:

head circumference: 18.9 inches; 96% percentile. no wonder every other baby's head looks so tiny and weird to me! nash's head is like an orange on a toothpick!


...five thousand words

UPDATE (9/24):

people are asking questions/want details, so i guess i can't get away with just pictures. part of the reason i tried (to get away with just pictures) is because it wasn't the most fun trip i've ever been on. all the other married people on the trip had their spouses with them (steve and nash stayed home). so i had two options: third wheel the marrieds or hang out with the single guys. both awkward at times. but you can't beat the scenery-amazing. we put in at antelope point (five star, i tell ya!). it was full service from the time we pulled up in our trucks to the point where we drove out of the parking lot. the houseboats (we had two) were p.i.m.p. and i scored my own room which was a really great perk to keep me out of even more awkward situations. plus i get really grumpy when i don't get sleep and then have to hang out with people i barely know!

i was helping out with all the meals, so a lot of time was spent cooking and cleaning, but i did manage to do a little jet-skiing and boating/wakeboarding. i should say i tried to do a little wakeboarding. i was not blessed with coordination, i'll tell you that much. i managed to get up but then i was like a wet noodle. so embarrassing, but it was fun nonetheless. the best part: coming home to nash (steve surprised me by putting him in a cute outfit for once and styling his hair into a cute lil fauxhawk). And of course there was stevie bevie, who, after hanging around a bunch of inbred technicians who i swear were trying to mentally undress me was like a godsend (and i could feel comfortable knowing that at least he is allowed to try to picture me with my clothes off).


and we're off...

off to lake powell for a lovely sun-filled, baby-free weekend. too bad it's not atlas-free as well, but i'm thinking i'm pretty lucky as it is. see you monday!


more new house pics

{living room}

{dining room}

{sun room}


i'm lizzythebotanist, and i'm a dork

some friends and i got to go to a premier of sydney white tonight (i know, i know. we are sooo elite). um, LOVED IT! ...once i got past sydney's unbelievably horrible spray-on tan and her terrible make-up (but you can't blame her). oh, and the fact that she always has those funny little pieces of hair hanging down in front of her ears...she does have ears, right?

aaanyway, back to the movie. if you love amanda byne's movies (which happens if you're able to turn on your inner-goof and let your inner-movie critic take a rest), then you will love sydney white-a modern take on snow white and the seven dwarfs. and you will love tyler prince-what a hottie! those dimples?!

favorite moment: when embele (sleepy) looks outside and finds sydney in the rain and says something to the effect of (read this in some sort of african accent): "that girl from the bathroom's outside in her jean pants....she looks scared." jean pants?!?! i guess you had to be there. but you weren't invited! so you'll have to go check it out for yourselves, it opens september 21st. click here to watch the trailer.


nash's new room

nash's room is the only room in the house that's close to being done, although we still need to find the right size white roman shades, install his ceiling fan, and put up some crown moulding (maybe). but i figured i'd go ahead and post pictures since i think it's pretty cute. the layout is almost exactly the same as in his old room, and we used the same "jalapeno jelly" paint color (which i love). the only change: the new "night light" i crafted out of some japanese paper lanterns left over from our wedding!


de-evolution (dedicated to TFB)

my debit card has been missing and so i have to pay for everything with a check. wanting to avoid the uncomfortable situation of slowing down other's fast food orders by writing a check, i dropped in to the local harmons grocery store and picked up some oriental crunch salad from the deli and a few chocolate covered cinnamon bears then headed to the check out. this is my conversation with the cashier, verbatim (slloyd, this happened in orem utah, not indiana or wherever the heck you were. de-evolution is everywhere).

cashier: (looking at my chocolate covered cinnamon bears) ooh! i got these at college the other day!
me: oh, really? byu?
cashier: no, uvsc. they were sooo gross. i think it's cause it depends on who makes them.
me: actually, i think it has more to do with the brand of cinnamon bears, cause some aren't very cinnamony and are just flavorless goo.
cashier: oh (a light went on in her precious little head). alright, your total is six oh twelve.
me: um...how much did you say it was?
cashier: six oh twelve.
me: are you sure?
cashier: yeah, i've rung it all up and i'm looking at the total here.
me: (hesitantly) alright...

so i wrote up the check for $6.012. written out: six and 012/100 dollars. de-evolution at work.


andybob martin

last night i got to experience a super cool family moment. too bad mom & dad weren't there. andybob, my little brother, had his debut album's cd release show at velour in provo. the dudes at velour scheduled him to headline, and, i may be biased here, but he was way better than the opening bands (who are more established and on tour). favorite song: piano song, where naomi "win" (should be martin since they were married in may!) plays a sweet violin. you can check him out for yourself at www.andybobmartin.com

this kid is muy muy talented: guitar, harmonica, piano, the lyrics and that voice! he's got it all. except that he keeps wearing that stinking "basketball & eduation" t-shirt...it's okay, though, we still love him.


liberty park

a few days ago while running in liberty park, i noticed this cute little garden area. there are several greenhouses and my favorite part was this "room" with a stone and grass checkerboard floor. *photo op!* we went back to the park last night to take pictures. of course, nothing in life goes as planned-nash's shirt had food all over it and he was not in the mood to cooperate. this is the first picture i took and it was all downhill until i picked him up and found poop leaking though everything. did i pack a diaper? no. but this turned out to be a good thing because a crazy storm rolled in as we were running home for our lives. tree branches were falling and by the time we got home our teeth and hair were covered with dirt from the tornadoesque winds. not a typical utah storm, but boy was it fun.


he said/she said: how it all began

i'm not usually a fan of these "chain letter"/"forward" types of posts, but this one is fun, especially considering how different stevie and i are. i can't wait to read his responses and all of yours when you do this yourself! (wow, i just read stevie's response and it's even worse than i thought. worse than BA, alifinale, so don't feel so bad!)

1. Where did you meet your wife/husband?

He said: Brad & Deb's

She Said: My BFF's (Laurla & Diane) wanted so set us up cause stevie and i both loved "the darkness" and frisbee golf...they took me to a party stevie was having at his parents house while they were out of town. i saw him, thought he was still in high school, and peaced out.

2. What was the first thing you said to your wife/husband?

He said: "nice hippie shirt"

She said: i don't really remember the first thing he said, but the first thing i remember him saying is "if we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" via a text message, of course. i couldn't think of a clever enough response so i didn't answer immediately, then i forgot to answer altogether. that got him interested-"playing hard to get.' wasn't really what i was doing, but hey, it worked!

3. Where was your first date?

He said: motorcycle ride up alpine loop

She said: good questions. my memory is that of a fish these days...i'm pretty sure we went on a motorcycle ride on the alpine loop. i remember i kept watching stevie in the rear-view mirror and his face looked so cute when the wind pushed it back. and he had a bandana holding down his crazy long hair.

4. Where was your first kiss?

He said:
the makeout room

She said: the make-out room in stevie's house of guys. we had to make a reservation on the white-board. I think we were watching a wes anderson flick, but i can't remember because we were too busy...

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?

He said:

She said: oh, this is embarrasing. i always said i wouldn't pull a zoobie move, but it happened. so be it. we dated for approximately 2.5 months (late september to mid december) before we knew we were MFEO (as alifinale puts it). or until we realized we'd both better settle. we didn't want to ruin the excitement of stevie's sister's december wedding, so we kept it a secret for a bit. we didn't officially get engaged (cause the ring took so friggin long and we had to make sure my parents were on board. after all, stevie does have a tatoo...j/k) until february. then we got married in april '05.might i add the the majority of our courtship was spent in costume. i'll have to make a seperate post of that.

6. Where did you get engaged?

He said: liz's room

She said:
this fabulous little joint called my bedroom. i bet stevie will talk about this with bitterness: he wanted to take me snowshoeing but i was a butt and wouldn't agree to it for some reason. so, instead he put the ring in a wad of toilet paper inside a box of dark chocolate liebniz cookies that holwonder brought back from germany. (the tp was thoughtfully included to keep the chocolate from melting all over the ring, as he was smuggling the cookies in his north face puffy coat pocket). we went into my bedroom (honor code, schmonor code) and he plugged in his iPod to play michael bolton's "said i loved you, but i lied" and like threw the cookies at me or something...i think he said "so, will you marry me?" i must have said "yes."

7.Where did you get married?

He said: SLC

She said: The SLC temple on a chilly tuesday in april. It started raining just as we finished up our last picture. But it was beautiful and all the spring bulbs were out and the sky was amazing in the pictures.

8. How did the reception go?

He said: super duper

She said: well, i don't mean to toot my own horn, but it was AWESOME! we had soooo much fun. i practically killed myself planning the affair. my mom and a friend's mom did all the food (desserts only, of course) and i ran around in my dress setting up tables and decor before. i looked like a drowned rat by the time it started, but it was worth it because everything was perfect. and, of course, we danced to "said i loved you, but i lied" and my dad and i danced to "time after time." my friends and i all danced like we were at the prom-i didn't want to leave, we were having so much fun. but leaving was fun too, because we had 3-foot sparklers held by family & friends lighting our way. (i think they had fun with those too-swordfights and light-saber battles...). and the cake? only THE BEST tasting wedding cake i've ever had. stevie's aunt bakes a mean wedding cake.

9. How was the honeymoon?

He said:
super duper

She said: A blast. We went to the bahamas and took scooter rides, swam with sharks, ate cracked conch, lost our virginity and i said goodbye to my vegetarian ways. plus.....went to the pirate museum! you know me, i heart pirates! my favorite pictures were from the pirate museum....i'll have to dig those up. Wait-i think i was supposed to answer: "how was the honeymoon? ha, well it never ended. we are so happily in love and every day is such an adventure!"