To Anonymous

{For those who aren't "anonymous" and need a little background, "anonymous" left a comment on my blog:

This is exactly why people should think twice before getting a pet. Most people know whether they want kids or not.
If you think you would give away a pet after having a baby, don't adopt the pet. A pet is a commitment for the life of
the pet, possibly 20 years. If you can't make a 20 year commitment, you have no business adopting.

Be a responsible adult. You made a lifelong commitment to that animal when you brought it into your home. When it
becomes "inconvenient" to you you don't have the right to get rid of your pet - it's your RESPONSIBILITY.

Maybe instead of blogging, you should have taken your dog on a walk.}

First off, I'm sorry you aren't a strong enough person to just list your name. If you're going to be so blatant (and off) at least let me know where I can send my hate mail.

Second, I was a strong enough person to realize that my dog (who I love) would be happier living with my best friends. Down the street where we can still see her. I adopted Lexi from the Humane Society after she had already been returned there TWICE by other irresponsible owners. I was a very responsible owner and believe I still am by allowing her to live somewhere where she can't jump the fence, and thus can play outside (which she loves) rather than be stuck inside all day with a toddler who drives her crazy because he is aggressively loving. Maybe if my husband wasn't in school and we had some sort of income, we would have been able to purchase a new fence, but that's not the case. (And please spare me your lecture on having children while still in school because I'm sure you're the kind of person that's against that too.)

I never thought I'd give her away once I had children. But I also never thought I'd develop MS and that everything in my life would be just a little harder than for normal, healthy people. So back off. Go have two babies and get a disease and then let me know how you feel about life and responsibility.

And maybe instead of leaving anonymous comments on blogs you should learn to be a decent person.


the best gift i ever "returned"

stevie's given me a lot of gifts over the years. he tends to out-do himself. but they aren't always well-received (i suck). like the disc golf bag he gave me for christmas when we were dating. i thought it was a gag gift and i laughed at it (i make fun of people who take disc golf seriously). or the northface coat that i really really wanted. only he got me a pink one (and i do not wear pink) so i sold it. there's the trainer for my bike that i don't ride enough (dare i say "never"). and then there's the weimeraner/great dane doggy that i gave away today. that's right, i gave my dog away.

lexi has a new home and, although i know it's better for her, i'm still really super sad about it. on one hand, all i have been saying the past few months are things like: "lexi, get out of the way," and "nash, quit feeding lexi," and "lexi, quit growling." all day long to the point of insanity. on the other hand, i feel so sad that nash won't have his doggy. i mean, a boy needs a dog, right? i feel horrible about the fact that she might think she did something wrong or that i don't love her; what kind of person gives away a family member?

but i do love her and i am really going to miss her. hopefully she won't miss us, though. hopefully she'll get ample cuddle time and long walks (something i was severely neglecting and something she really needs) and maybe she'll still get to lick the plates.

{be a good girl, lex.}

on a much more shallow note, i'm also mourning the loss of a special vase. if you see one like this anywhere PLEASE grab it for me! (it's the teal/turquoise one by the fireplace in this picture:


8 months already?

i have no official stats to report. havey has been sick, sick, sick yet still happy, happy, happy.

weight: less that at six months! the poor girl wouldn't eat for two days when she was sick...but she's back in action eating more solids than ever and loving her rice husks.

length: who knows, but she is long

teeth: no. not even signs of them.

crawling: not sure what she's doing, but she looks like a little rock climber when she stretches out to get where she wants to go. she pushes up on her toes and puts a leg out to the side to direct herself. and boy, she gets mad at me when i try to bend her legs for her.

i love this girl. she's a smile-slut and will give her biggest and best smiles to anyone who will look at her. it's a smile that you can't help but smile back at. stevie calls it the football face: she scrunches her nose up so that her cheeks follow. they're so chubby that they push out to the sides while she simultaneously pulls her little tiny chin up and out. her left eyebrow does a little dance and she makes a happy little coo. it kills me.


paperback swap

yes, i'm alive. we're still recovering and have been rather lazy and boring here, so i thought i'd share a site a friend recommended: thepaperbackswap.com. here's how it works:

  • you sign up (free) and list 10 books you are willing to ship to another member. for this, you receive 2 credits.
  • a member requests one of your books and you ship it to them (around $2).
  • once that member receives the book, you receive 1 credit.
  • 1 credit = 1 book
  • you use that credit to request a book from another member (they pay shipping).
  • the site generates your shipping label/book wrapper and you can even print the postage and ship from home

i joined on sunday and have already swapped five books! the site swaps paperback, hardback, and audio books. there's a great selection and a "wish list" for the books that aren't currently available. everything is automated and super efficient. to make things even better, a random member saw me listed in the "new member profile" section and gave me two of her credits today!

p.s. they also have affiliate sites for cd and dvd swapping and credits are transferrable between those sites.


just shoot me.

right now there is nothing worse than two sick kids with a sick mommy. oh, and the taco bell wedding featured on the news. now that's just gross.



i'm lacking in post material because i've been swimming in projects (but this also means a flood of posts is on the way). having stevie home makes me feel like a free woman and i've been cramming in as much as i can before school starts again. like:

finally making a girly bedroom for havey (she's been sleeping in a portacrib in the basement. rather depressing, don't you think?)

reading the saffron kitchen

making valentine's decor

shopping at DI (i'm averaging 3 trips a week and some seriously good finds)

working on the house (painting, redecorating, reorganizing...this could be an entire list in itself)

prepping for bunco-it's my first time to host!

awaiting a visit from my parents & my long lost bestie

awaiting the delivery of my christmas/birthday present...