kosker family

i had so much fun shooting this cute family. they were so easy and the location & lighting were beautiful. julie, i hope you love these as much as i do. below are some favorites from the session, but there are lots more on their way to your mailbox!


see more here on the 'liz anderson photography' fan page.

if you'd like to schedule a family portrait session with me (it's not too early to start thinking about christmas cards), visit my website or email me at liz@lizandersonphotography.com. utah portrait sessions are limited since we'll be moving to vegas soon!


J-ROK LGM said...

oh my.

what you see through that camera is unbelievable. wish i could borrow your eyes and experience it!

i'm addicted to lizanderson photography! I hope your parents never move and you continue to visit my neck of the woods!

J-ROK LGM said...

just noticed the gorgeous bouquet of weeds i'm holding on the lying down family shot. thanks Nash! he's so sweet and thoughtful :)

jill said...

these are awesome. way to go!

M. Kasch said...

These are beautiful! I especially love the julie-kissing-hazel, jake-tumbling-hazel, and the family-in-front-of-the-barn shots. They're all amazing, though.
Great work!

mickisha caye photography said...

The light is so gorgeous. Beautiful work Liz!

Beeta said...

I love them! You captured their fun personalities perfectly and the setting is so pretty and natural too! Nice job, LTB!

j e s s i e said...

That second one down is one of all time favs! Well done Liz!