while i was packing to leave for our trip nash and i had a little chat about where we were going. i told him we were flying on the plane all the way to pennsylvania. he thought for a minute, "pennsylbania?" he asked, and then, "what's a pencil?" confused, i replied, "it's what you color and draw with, you know that, silly." and then he asked, "well, what color is bania?" oh this guy is too cute. if i had to answer him, i'd definitely say that "bania" = green. see for yourself:


our trip was full of fun little moments like taking a walk on the old train bridge with grandma & great grandma

catching fireflies


roasting marshmallows & making smores


playing in the rain with uncle andybob

skipping rocks and taking a little dip in the allegheny river 


six plane rides, two tram rides, a taxi ride, and two nights in a hotel (nash is really proud to have done all that, for me those parts were probably the least fun). we took a little tiny commuter plane from cleveland to franklin (and back) and when we landed nash exclaimed "the captain did a great job flying, mama!" he then stuck his head into the cockpit and let the captain know what a great job he'd done.


it was a pretty exhausting trip if you can't tell...oh, and someone got a haircut and a shiner.

the end. 


Emilie May said...

didn't someone get married?

Amie said...

No trip is complete without a big old bruise to prove how much fun you had. Really, if you don't have one, it means you weren't living!

bulkleybunch said...

i love that little guy. what will sunday dinners be without him? sadness.

kaysi fox said...

oh my gosh nash is sooo cute! i love that he said that about the "pilot"...so adorable!! that is so crazy that you know stephen!! he used to live in sacramento and him and his friends randomly came to a party at my house and thats how i met him!! he is so funny and im glad that someone is giving mormons a good rep!

Alifinale said...

Oh how pretty it is there. And catching fireflies! How fun. Love the pics. I can just hear him saying how good the pilot did. He is so cute.

Jewels said...

Awww, he is the cutest. I haven't taken my kids on a plane yet...I hope they're as stoked about it as Nash Radical was!

naomi said...

That was fun having nash in PencilBania.

Laurie said...

ahhhh belmar bridge!