i've been really busy around here. so busy that you may have noticed i haven't blogged since before christmas. and even that post wasn't much. i wish i had something to show for all my time spent away from here, but really it's all been due to this one particular project:

okay, so really i haven't been busy at all. just plain old lazy. this thing has been sucking the life out of me for 16 weeks. nash and haven have become so used to that phrase that if i'm laying around (which is pretty much the case at any given moment) nash will say, "mom, is the baby sucking your life away?" i signed up for this, but holy moly, i did not know what i was signing up for! this is not the same experience i've had before. i feel like it's the biggest joke anyone's ever played on me. maybe it's karma kicking my butt for judging lazy, "sick" pregnant women in the past. never again. now, having been the most lazy, sick pregnant woman i know, i have some major sympathy. i've had every symptom in the book along with excessive fatigue, diziness, and just general apathy (due largely in part to my MS since I had to stop my usual therapy to get pregnant). luckily, though, i have not been emotional, because that would put me over the edge. so, while i feel sick, tired, ugly (the acne is unreal) and fat at least i don't feel crazy! knock on wood.

baby is due july 13th and with any luck we'll find out the gender next week!

p.s. now that i'm starting to feel like i can function again, i'd like to say i'm going to catch up on the past few months. but i don't know if i can promise anything good. since i got my iPhone in october i think i've pulled my real camera out twice. i'm already regretting this and have vowed to return to my camera crazy ways. until then you can follow me on instagram for a few random updates (@lizzythebotanist).