quick updates

2 days till the bowling game (see monday's post for post-event details)...

"because i said so" might just be the worst movie ever made. in the romantic comedy genre. of 2007.

TOP SECRET: for chase's eyes only


i called you on the phone today to wish you a happy birthday, but grandma told me you were having a party and nash and i weren't invited (just teasin). so...


we love you for many reasons. i'll list three of them:

1. you have the most amazing memory of any kid i've ever known. we can't pull any fast ones on you.

2. you always want to understand what's going on and what things mean and are. you are smart and actually have the abililty to understand what most kids your age can't (but this isn't a competition).

3. you are sensitive (but still super tough) to everyone around you. you might beat up on libby and indie and steven and josh sometimes, but when it really matters you can tell and you know when to stop. you have a big heart.

and a sweet-a mohawk!

hope you had the bestest birthday ever!
lizzy, steven & nashville


shake it up

there is nothing more satisfying than scrolling through your own blog to see how far you've come. and the comments (thanks everyone) make it all worth while. this blogging round is proving to be quite fruitful. i think i'm here to stay. i like this blogging world of mine.

speaking of worlds, stevie bevie and i may be shaking ours up soon. we've now heard from all our schools and have chosen ASU and UofU as our two fallbacks if we don't get into GW (we are on the wait-list). i'm like 99.99% sure we'll be heading to ASU. as a sun-worshiper, the prospects have never looked so good (LL3 agrees).


marky mark puts the mark in marksmanship

marky mark won my heart tonight. again. i was a little skeptical as "bobby lee swagger" was introduced in shooter with a scruffy face and ponytail (neither the good sorts), but five minutes later he was back in action with the classic princeton cut. and oh, those biceps.....

the new yorker tried to rip his marksmanship apart by saying he "never misses...he could shoot mosquitos" and that he is the "incarnated rambo." um...hello!?! isn't that what every good american boy and girl dreams of? since when does a fictional movie get rated based on "real-life" standards? forget you, new yorker, i'm going to bed to dream of bobby lee shootin those dang gad moskeeters.


you can take away my earrings when you pry them from my cold dead fingers....or can you?

as we pulled up to the anderson compound for sunday dinner (happy birthday gigi!), we saw libbylou (age 4) dancing and singing in la-la land. as soon as she realized that la-la land had been invaded, she came running over to show me her newly-pierced ears! "and it didn't even hurt!"

apparently libbylou recently learned a little bit about death and how you can't take anything with you when you die. so, to solve this new problem she said to brrbrr: "when i die i'm just going to get them pierced again!" this girly girl is not going to let death or anything else take her pierced ears away from her!

libbylou (pre-ear piercing)


stolen story

i have nothing great to say, so i'd like to share with you one of my favorite stories. unfortunately, it isn't one of my own, but until ance & lali start up a blog (maybe when maebe gets here?) i feel it is my duty to help document their stories.

so, ance has a niece named abby. i'm not sure how old she is, and i'm also not sure exactly the details of this story because i find it so funny that i get too excited to hear the punchline and i don't listen to the set up. i'll sort of fumble through it. you'll get the point.

anyway, ance's brother & his wife (abby's parents, hereafter referred to as "mom & dad") were listening to a song or watching a movie that mentioned the word "snatch." abby piped up and said she knew what a snatch was. mom & dad, unable to believe that this could be true, responded, "oh, really? what does it mean?" abby smartly responded, "the "B" word." mom & dad racked their brains-what could this "b" word that abby referred to be? so, they prodded a little further, "well, what's the "b" word?". again, she smartly replied (and here i picture her with her hands on her hips in an all-knowing fashion and drawing out her words), "bagina".

please tell me that's as funny in writing as it is in oral form. it kills me!!! how does she know that snatch=vagina without knowing that it's vagina, not bagina!!!! no speech impediments involved here. amazing!!


nash can laugh

i know, i bore you with my mommy posts, but this is the first time i've been able to make nash laugh while playing peek-a-boo! for some reason he startles very easily and ends up crying when we try to play with him. stevie bevie is much better at making him laugh, but here's my shot at it:

oh, and nash turned 4 months old today. yay nashers-what a little man!


losing steam...

i was back strong for a few weeks, but i'm losing steam. work and nash potato teamed with colds and sore throats have got me fried at the end of the day. my usual blogging time (8-10; after nash goes to bed and before stevie bevie gets home from work) has been spent staring blankly while thinking about going to bed early. why, oh why is that such a hard thing to do? no matter how tired i am, it just never happens. i guess it's guilt; thinking that i'm wasting those few precious hours of alone time. anyway, i'm trying to recharge so i can make a big comeback with a sweet entry (i've just set myself up for disaster). until then, here's the latest pic of nash and mommy together (this is the first one i'm willing to let other people see, since most of my "baby fat" is gone now!)


forgotten favorites

i have failed to mention three of my favorite things in the whole universe. it's about time i gave them proper introductions. in no special order, they are:

1. lance and ali (sometimes known as ance & lali). stevie bevie and i don't have many married friends who aren't also related to us. we've got about three or four sets of married friends, but most come and go as they please. ance & lali have been committed friends for quite some time now. so committed, in fact, that they devote nearly every thursday night (a.k.a COMEDY NIGHT!) to the andersons. with the help of their blessed TiVo system, we are able to watch it all in addition to gray's-together! i would say "as one happy family", but the legalities of that statement are not quite true-yet. ance & lali (convinced by the unbelievable cuteness of nash radical anderson) are starting to think about starting to work on creating nash's future wife: maebe rasband. which brings me to forgotten favorite #2:

2. arrested development. i have mentioned this beloved show once before (see: lexis lucille III), but i'm not sure i stressed the importance of said show in our lives. we've been through the best and worst of times with arrested by our sides. granted, this involved watching episodes over and over since arrested was cancelled due to the lack of public interest (i'm guessing because most of the general public would prefer to watch lame shows like "war at home" and...um....other shows), but in the end we could always find something to relate to. just like the BOM, we are able to liken arrested unto us. and so, we are saved.

3. laurla and diane. this could be a whole new blog in and of itself. my bestest friends in the whole wide world. no two people unrelated to me have ever had such an impact on my life. aside from spoiling me to no end (petunia picklebottom diaper bags, baby clothes galore, appointments with clint, etc), these two girls get me through it all. i could list half a dozen other reasons why i love them, but i'm just going to leave it at that since i am home sick while i blog and very susceptible to emotional breakdowns!


happy birthday alifinale!

this is for the calendar pic! bru ha ha, got you back! (sorry, holwonder, for having to involve you and libbylou in this!)

3 observations about blogs

1. if no one leaves comments, you feel worthless-does anyone even read this? i keep hearing "your blog is so funny!" "when are you going to post again?", well, when you start showing you care (by commenting)-that's when.

2. people seem to use blogging as a way to express frustrations about other people without directly saying so. for example, yesterday i read alifinale's blog entry about her child's "sleepy eyes." my husband is the brother-in-law mentioned as saying "she looks stoned." oops! of course, steve meant no harm in the comment and we adore little emmers, but apparently he has hit a soft spot. so blogging is a way to tell people to quit being rude without actually having to tell them to their faces! from now on steve will make no such comments (or else....).

3. the best way to use your blog to slap someone in the face is to restrict their access to it. for example, my brother-in-law has had a public blog for quite some time now. somehow, word got out to his father that said blog existed. now, whether or not there was anything offensive to my father-in-law on that blog (and i'm almost sure there was plenty), bri bri quickly reacted by restricting access to the blog. so when i tried to see if he had added any recent posts last night, i received the "slap in the face" i am speaking of. here, try it: bri bri's blog. apparently there's a party in there and you're not invited! feels like you just got sent to your room for bad behavior, huh?


tv sucks

stevie bevie and i were just discussing how badly tv sucks these days (i'm not talking reruns-i'm talking new shows):

mondays-there just isn't anything on to start. please let me know if there's something worth watching out there and i just didn't get the memo.

tuesdays-the boy-half of american idol is like watching karaoke at the local club. "house" is good most of the time, but starting to get a little old/predictable. and somedays i just can't handle house's attitude. usually by the end of the day on tuesday i'm already at my wit's end, so the last thing i need is his negativity.

wednesday-you wait the whole day in anticipation for "lost" and it is a total letdown. the girl-half of american idol is much better, but i still can't say it's worth watching.

then comes thursday- it's about friggin time! (choir of angels)- COMEDY NIGHT! the thought of it is sometimes the only thing that gets me through the week. the night starts of on the low end with "earl" and gets better and better as we progress through "the office," "scrubs," and "30 rock", leaving me satisfied recharged to finish the week.

friday & saturday- pretty much a bust- which is fine for you single kids, but for those of us who are stuck at home cause the kid is in bed, it's a serious problem.

sunday-desperate housewives. it's still got me, but it's becoming absolutely ridiculous.

so we're back to the 3 S's, but sometimes reruns are too rerun-if i have to watch the soup nazi one more time this year i might..... and theres scrubs at 10:05-still going stong in my book because i just recently started tuning in so it's all new and exciting. (stevie bevie voted that scrubs still has a ways to go before being considered as the 4th S).

i do have one little confesion to make....i sort of like "hogan knows best." it may just be their wallpaper (in the Miami house), but something about that show grabs me....


goodnight nash

my latest project....nash's "great green room." a little photoshop helped me turn "goodnight moon" into "goodnight nash." i am the best mommy.


a disclaimer to mom & dad (and any other conservative family member who might visit)

you already know i have a bad habit of "swears" (that's for you, ben). so i don't see the point in changing my whole blog just because you will read it. i don't use the really foul words, just the minor swears, and only when it adds to my writing- drama, humor, or just lack of a better word. as all-knowing bart simpson says, "hell, damn, fart". that makes up my spectra of swears.sometimes a good "damn" just makes sense. so there you have it. there may be a few swears in here, but i'll do my best to use them sparingly. and i'm still convinced that "bitchin" is NOT a swear. my ex-bishop and ned flanders agree (see entry two prior).

the stevie bevie dance, part deux

stevie bevie read my blog last night and thinks that i am making our relationship sound idealized. can i help it if we have a perfect relationship that makes the rest of you jealous? no. maybe you can learn from us. husbands, you can start here by learning these dance moves:


the stevie bevie dance

i just convinced stevie bevie to let me record his sweet dance moves that make me week in the knees....stay posted for a bitchin blog tomorrow!

notes on the word "bitchin": 1.) if ned flanders can say it, i can say it. 2.) when we were engaged, my bishop asked us to come up with a word or phrase that would define our relationship. he and his wife, for example, had chosen "red hot". we chose "bitchin". and bitchin it is.

Lexis Lucille III

stevie bevie and i began our long search for the perfect dog last christmas (2005) time. we searched petfinder.com on a daily basis. we found the perfect looking dog, a black plothound named homer. homer had a flipped ear in his profile pic and the sweetest looking face. but we missed the boat and soon found a new black dog-a weimeraner/great dane named lexus.

because she was already "two or three," we chose to spare her the trauma of a name-change on top of her third try at an adoption. she had already been adopted and returned several times. stevie bevie got her for my birthday and, to our surprise, she was even on clearance! apparently black dogs don't sell well, so she was marked down. on her way home from the humane society, lexus drooled profusely and even threw up all over the back seat. as avid fans of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, we had no choice to but to name her lexis lucille III after Lucille Ostero (also referred to as Lucille II, Lucille Bluth's next door neighbor and friend affected by vertigo). it seemed only right.

it has been over a year since lexi has joined our family, and although we love her dearly, we have fond recollections of homer and think of him anytime lexi's ear flips back. they could be brother and sister. so, we are considering a name change to honor homer, the dog that could have been a fabulous addition to the anderson family.

tell us what you think:

should lexis lucille III's name be changed to marge?
only if nash's name is changed to bart
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purple spit-up

i suppose i should explain why on earth i was google-ing "purple spit-up"! nash has GERD (gastroesophogal reflux disease). it's not really a disease, more of a malady. it will pass. anyway, his doctor prescribed prevacid once a day.

after a few weeks of taking the prevacid nash was sleeping on my desk at work. (he wasn't rolling over at the time so this was a safe place for him to nap). i went in my office to check on him and pulled his mitted hand out of his mouth to see purple stains. i about had a heart attack and called in the office babysitter to see what she thought. had he gotten pen ink in his mouth or something?

half of my family works with me and my cousin, robert, ran in to my office: "has nash been taking any medicine?" after i told him he was taking prevacid he told me "don't worry, i googled 'purple spit-up' and it's a common side-effect." thank you robert- who else would think to google such a thing?!

yesterday's lie

so yesterday's post (to super daddy) was a total scam. i came across "super mommy"s blog while googling "purple spit-up." her blog didn't say anything about purple spit-up, but i saw the letter she wrote to her husband and there were some uncanny similarites to a letter i have thought about writing to steve.

when i first met bri bri (steve's older brother) at brr's wedding (steve's little sister), bri bri asked me, "why do you love steven?". we were engaged at the time, and bri bri was sitting at a table full of cynical boys, so i declined to answer. and i basically haven't answered that question since. i made a lame attempt in bed the other night, but it flopped. so i decided i better do it for real, once and for all. here goes:

Stevie Bevie,

Most of the things I love about you are also the things that drive me nuts. I think that's what some people call "true love." Like how you never ever pay attention to what I'm saying. I know I get mad at you for that, but at the same time I understand. You are constantly thinking about "smart" things; like politics and affirmative action, and our future (law school) and taxes. I think about "dumb" things like how I would remodel the fireplace and the bathroom and what kind of carpet I would get if we had money to do it. And it only gets worse when I watch HGTV and TLC marathons like "Flip This House."

You relate everything that ever happens to one of the "three S's"-Simpsons, Seinfeld, or South Park. And you laugh so hard explaining it all that you can barely talk and it's like you just saw the episode for the first time. Totally bugs me, but at the same time I can't belive the things you can remember. When you miss Desperate Housewives because you have to work, I have to make mental notes while I watch so that I can tell you what happened. And half of the time that doesn't even work, but you remember those episodes of the "three S's" verbatim. Wow.

You probablly didn't want a "sick" wife. You didn't want a kid right away. You probablly aren't that excited about the way we live "real life" now-with a mortgage and medical bills and a kid and three jobs. And a dog. But you have taken it all in stride (pretty much) and have even done some of those things only because I wanted them. And you never hold it against me.

Sometimes when Nash cries at night and I'm too tired to get up and think that maybe I'll make you do it, I start thinking that you might say, "you're the one that wanted a baby. you deal with it." But I know you would never say that-it's probably what I would say! You are so much nicer than I am. When I think I'm having a nervous breakdown you tell me I can quit my job-even though if I did that would mean you'd have to work even more and we would barely get by.

I love that you love Nash and that you are a good daddy even though it stresses you out a lot. I love that you love your parents despite some of the craziness. And that you tell them that and that you will never let the crazy times make you forget what good parents they were (and are) to you. It will make you the best daddy ever for Nash.

You have a big heart and wish you could change the world, even after TeachforAmerica and other disillusioning experiences. I am not that strong and would rather hole up in my little townhome with my baby and my dog. I'm glad that you don't really let me do that and you make me think about things-even if I dont' really talk about them.

You always say you are sorry and I seldom do. And you always say it first (and mostly last too). Even when you know I was the one who was wrong. Probably because you know I still think I'm right.

Basically I have decided that I keep the house clean (laundry excluded) and you keep our marriage alive. You are a much better person than I am. Thanks for "settling". And I LOVE YOU.

How was that?

All of my love to you babe,


Dear Super-Daddy

Dear Super-Daddy,

Who would have thought that an innocent trip to an Exxon station to pee would turn out this way? 6 years, 2 cross country moves, a million adventures, and a beautiful little baby boy later…and here we are.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day chores and details- that sometimes we forget about the big picture. So…without further adeu, here are the top ten (ok 12) reasons that I heart Super-Daddy.

1. You do little things for me, without me ever having to ask. You make sure I have a towel when I get out of the shower, my Dr. Pepper glass is always full, ice cream is always in the freezer, and you always have a Kleenex on hand whenever I sneeze. (cyber-friends to a girl with major allergies…that is love!) You will load the dishwasher, make baby bottles, and you are always quick to come up with a rag when Spit Up boy marks his territory.
2. You are really smart. And at stuff that I can’t even begin to understand- like all the physics behind airplane stuff, math in general, and you always know what is going on in the world. I can tell you who is knocked up and who is dating who in the celebrity world, but I can’t tell you where we are fighting our latest war. You watch CNN for fun- now that’s either really smart or really geeky (which is hot!)
3. Which leads me to…You are HOT! I never thought I would like chest hair so much, but you work it baby! LOL You have really pretty eyes, and a great smile, and you do that eyebrow thing that Spitup boy is now learning to perfect.
4. You are super funny- even when you don’t mean to be. We may have a weird sense of humor that others don’t get, but when we are at home in our PJ’s on the couch- you are funnier than the “Everybody Loves Raymond” any day…
5. You are supportive of my work (and my obsession with myspace and blogging)- you brag about my accomplishments, show off my websites & books to anyone that will listen, and you are understanding if I am under a deadline. You let me go on and on about SEO optimization and wordpress plugins and you appear to be interested in what I am talking about.
6. You hug me in my sleep.
7. You think I am sexy, even with my baby weight…
8. Spitup Boy thinks that you are the coolest thing since sliced bread- and funnier too! You can make him laugh at the littlest things, and he gets this look on his face when he is looking at you, like he thinks you are just so totally awesome!
9. You work your butt off for us. No matter what, you have always worked your butt off to support us. You have gone in at 3 am in the freezing Wyoming weather, to work a second job to provide for your family. Even when the airline industry gets crappy, and you get laid off, you have another job lined up within a day or two. That means a lot, more than you may realize.
10. You do all the stuff that I either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. You kill bugs, hang curtains, mow the lawn, and even do the laundry. (don’t judge!) When you know I have a lot of work, or have had a rough day with Spit Up boy- you will cook dinner without me even asking.
11. You are nice to my friends, and try to make them laugh. On the same note, you will let me bitch about territorial playgroup bs, and then when it is all said and done you will agree with me that “women can be catty little B*%ches!”
12. You let me have complete decorating freedom- you let me paint the office yellow, and Spitup boys room that crazy lime color…you let me buy that purple couch from IKEA when we were in college, and you didn’t complain..(well not a lot anyway…) you let me paint my own wall art. This means a lot to a girl that needs a creative outlet. I know you really want navy blue walls and boy decorations, but you don’t complain…

I could keep going….but Spit Up boy just woke up…so I will close with…