more brecken

some more of little breck. she is such a doll, i can't stand it. after she filled her tummy she made the cutest little faces and coos, i was dying. thanks for letting us torture you, littlest. you done good, brr & peeps!

p.s. i need some more 'practice' models (babies, kids, families, etc.), so email me if you're interested in a cheap session.



last night i was in a peaceful slumber when i began to hear water dripping in the vicinity. since it had been raining, i thought for sure that our roof had sprung a leak right into our bedroom. i rolled over to assess the situation but quickly realized what was actually happening. for there was stevie bevie the birthday boy, standing at attending holding his you-know-what. he was peeing. on. our. carpet! 'steven!' i exclaimed. a quicker reply there never was, and i wish there were a recording of it, but he yelped. i mean yelped (like a girl). i told him he had peed on the carpet so he turned on the light, looked the area over, and yelled "it's not wet, liz, it's not wet!" then he stormed off to the bathroom. now, i have a tendency to say some crazy things in my sleep. i've been known to wake up screaming and pointing at invisible spiders on numerous occasions. so, considering stevie's denial of the 'accident' i began to question reality. i brushed my hand lightly over the carpet-it was indeed wet. a few moments and a soaked rag later and we were back in bed. laughing. i can't stop laughing.

to think all this happened on his 28th birthday, and i get mad at nash when he has an accident!



brecken skye arrived on august 10, weighing in at 9 lb. 1 oz. and 20.5 inches. she's the spitting image of her daddy and she's quite the sweety. nash asks nearly every day if he can go see "bertny's baby brecken."

congrats beeta & peeps!



i've been having fun with my new(ish) sewing machine. i got it two years ago and could never figure out how to make it work so it sat in the closet untouched. my mom took a look while she was here and it turns out the machine was defective so i returned it and got a better one. probably should have figured that one out sooner! here are some of my projects to date:

ruffled tulle skirt: inspired by the shoes (she needed an outfit to wear them with) and skirts seen here, here, and here. also, please note the milestone: pigtails inspired by cousin sage.

clockwise from left: camera strap sleeve (i probably should have taken a picture of it in use, but now it's on the camera and it's too complicated), kimono baby booties, sewing machine cozy.

i like having another {useful} outlet for creativity. the first thing i made was a pair of baby legs for haven and since then whenever i get the machine out nash says "are you makin' nash's sock?" i guess he's feeling left out...next on the list is a project for him: a neck-tie.