brr's cake pops

another batch of bakerella's cake pops. these ones were for brr's baby shower-in her favorite colors. i love making these because they're so easy (most of the time) andLink you can make them work for any color scheme. i was also excited to use those tulip mini cupcake wrappers-i've had my eye on them for a while. you can get them here if you live in slc, or here if you don't.


do not reed

nash got in trouble today for making a big mess. he started whimpering as i made him clean it up and then declared, "guess what? i'm going to grandpa's house." which reminded me...

i used to threaten to run away as a child. didn't we all? once my dad even helped me pack my bags (hobo-style with a pouch of clothes tied to a stick). i never actually did run away, but i'd hide in the closet or outside the house in hopes that my parents would think i had and would change their ways. how dare they make me eat my vegetables or clean my room? and why can't i bite my sister?

apparently i wrote letters of intent before "running away". and then i wrote other letters, too. some of you have heard about these "classic liz" letters, but until now they've been buried. so, for your viewing pleasure:


"i decided to put on my pj's since i'm not allowed out of my bedroom for the rest of my life. you won't see me tomorrow morning, i'm running away."


"do not read this out loud, please. i hope you know i want lunch too. i guess you don't care about me anymore. bring my lunch upstairs with the yellow tray."

apparently i was also a little bossy and manipulative. i'm glad my parents didn't fall for that evil trap. i'm sure my mom brought my lunch on a purple tray that day, just so i wouldn't think i'd won the battle.


jamie & simon

my friend, jamie, just had her first baby. you'd never guess jamie has ever had a baby, let alone a week and half before this photo was taken. simon was so tiny and cute, but not very happy about being a model. i'm still editing, but so far this one is my favorite.


beautiful beeta

i've been feeling like such a blog-slacker lately, but then i realized that the majority of you haven't posted since your july 4th posts. looks like i'm not doing so badly after all!

here are a few more shots of brittany. i had to twist her arm to get her to take maternity shots, but i think it was worth it, don't you?

blogger doesn't want me to upload the rest right now, so i'll just keep doing these mini posts. it's not like i have anything else to post about anyway...



a sneak peek...

she's having her first baby {a girl}, due SO soon! we're so excited to see what this new breed of anderson + lewis will be like. my guess is super hardcore and super sweet.


boy + bike

he is one happy little camper. unless you want him to, i don't know, stop riding it!


the fourth of july

the freedom festival parade on saturday morning...it was SO hot and it rained right when we sat down, which sort of stunk, but made for some cool pictures with the wet pavement.

i want to gobble her up. seriously, have you ever seen a chubbier, cuter, sweeter girl? i was a little fixated on her cuteness; i took about fifty pictures of her and only a few of the other kids (sorry nash, emmers & sage).

{a pensive nash}

{cousin emery-poor girl got sunscreen in her eyes and could barely keep them open}

{uber quiet cousin sage}


if i was a boat

did you know i have the most amazing sister? ever? well, i do. she's smart. she's funny. she drives me nuts the way she leaves her stuff all over my house. she's nash's absolute favorite. and she's my best friend. she's also a writer, a musician, and she wrote this for me:

This boat was built with wooden nails
Her body small and weak
Yet to cross this sea of uncertain waters
She may still have the strength she needs

This house was built with wooden nails
Her frame unruly and rough
Yet to protect the love she holds inside
She may still have strength enough

Wooden nails are all you need
So I hope you know and I hope you see
That in standing firmly where you stand
Your strength, it strengthens me

This bridge was built with wooden nails
Her footing arched and cracked
Yet to hold the weight of what’s sure to come
It won’t be strength she lacks

Your body’s built with wooden nails
But your eyes still look down from above
As in your arms a baby sleeps
Safe and soft and loved

Wooden nails are all you need
So I hope you know and I hope you see
That in standing firmly where you stand
Your strength, it strengthens me

i love it.