giving...or getting?

i know, christmas is about giving-and i'm all for it. i love love love to give gifts-and if you ask me i'm pretty good at it. but when i saw these bad boys at gina's house, then heard about the insane deal she got on them-there was no giving in mind. I WANT IT NOW! of course, with a deal* like that i thought i didn't stand a chance at getting my own pair. i was pleasantly surprised...

*$49.99 at the Sundance Catalog Outlet in Sugarhouse


a million little pieces

naughty blogger is back-I"VE HAD IT!!! since moving into our new house i have had one tiny friggin bar if any on my phone. on top of that half of my buttons decided to quit working, so even texting became a nightmare. after my ten billionth dropped call today i lost it. i chucked my phone so hard it is now in a million pieces. i know, i know-not the smartest. but it felt good, real good. and let's be real: a random half of a bar hasn't left me with much contact these days anyway. so if you need me i can be reached via this blog or my email (i'll probably forward my calls to steve's phone later...).

UPDATE (12/2): stevie got a new phone yesterday so i got his old one. but since the new phone has a camera & video, he let me take it (since i'm with nash more)!! yay yay-i am back in action!


post-purchase pleasure!

i think i hate post-purchase posting just about as much as pity posting, but since i've already pity posted this week, ah what the heck! i just scored this sweet new diaper bag:

my besties bought me my first petunia picklebottom diaper bag when little nash was just a bean in my tummy-gender unknown. it has since seen less than its fair share of wear and tear, but it still managed to rub itself thin leaving four little holes and frays in multiple places. i like to discredit the makers of ppb themselves-i'm not sure why anyone would think making a diaper bag out of a silky fray-prone fabric a good idea. well, they wised up and now offer "glazed" diaper bags that seem much more durable and wipe-cleanable! plus, the messenger/shoulder bag (i previously had the boxy backpack) will make carrying two babies and a diaper bag much more manageable!

oh, speaking of carrying two babies-maybe just maybe nash will be walking by the time baby 2 comes along-he took two whole steps today! steve and i about died and gave each other a double high-five in his honor.


naughty or nice?

i've been a 'naughty' blogger. i just looked over my blog and realized my posting rate is in severe decline. i know why, and i've drafted several posts in past weeks to explain myself, but it feels like pity posting and there's nothing i hate more. so, with no emotion at all i will quickly fill you in on what has been occupying my time and energy.

in early october, i reported to my new job (remember the work-from-home graphic design position) and the guys who hired me acted as if they'd never given me a job-meanwhile i'd been replaced in the call center. so atlas "let me go." they haven't paid me since august and we've had to hire an attorney to try to recover unpaid wages, which includes a pretty hefty bounced check for my summer bonus, and hopefully a little more to cover damages-i'm having the worst relapse of MS that i've ever had. that combined with the fatigue of pregnancy and trying to raise a one-year-old is making the job hunt more than challenging.

i've been bitter and emotional and just barely shy of insane for the past six weeks. thanksgiving was rough. anderson family thanksgiving involves a tradition of going around the table and each person listing three things they are thankful for. i was last and by the time everyone else said they were thankful for their health, their jobs, and the family i was in shambles and had to pass on my turn. i don't have good health, i don't have a job, and i can't be with my side of the family this christmas.

but now that thanksgiving is over and done with and christmas is in the air, i'm feeling a new hope and vigor. plus i'm entering the second trimester which is the best feeling one! so i'm here to declare: i will be a 'nice' blogger all season. and a nice person too!

here's a start: since i didn't post about my thankfulness at thanksgiving, i will post about it now. five things....drum roll....

1. brad & gina. steve went to high school with these guys and i've finally had the chance to really get to know them since we've moved to salt lake. they are nearly always game to hang out and are so thoughtful-always dropping by treats. it's hard to find married couples that we love, and after losing ance & lali to the heart of texas, i was feeling like we'd never find another one again.

2. laura & diane. nothing makes me happier than to see these two. i don't think anyone knows or understands me better than they do, and it makes me comfortable. plus, i have to admit that i am dang funny when they're around. they just bring me to life!

3. baby graham. i haven't even met him yet but something about his new little life just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. plus i love getting lali's random texts about being a new mom.

4. all things christmas- smells, sights, sounds, tastes-but namely the smells. i'm in love with my christmas spice wallflowers and cinnamon diffusers. they warm up the whole house. (come on, i had to have one "item" and at least it wasn't tv!)

5. and of course, family. namely stevie and nash. stevie has been so patient with me lately (there have only been a few minor blow-ups where i was called lazy or other such names). he even carried me to bed last night despite his hurt shoulder. and nash is just so cute i can't stand it. his favorite thing right now is the song "sleigh ride." he laughs his head off when he hears it. i love that little things i never would have guessed can thrill him the way they do.


christmas all year long?

i took advantage of the nearly 70 degree weather last monday and got all my lights hung outside. i'm so excited to have a timer this year so they take care of themselves! and now that thanksgiving is over it's kosher to turn them on-oh i love it!! i thought i'd stop there (until the weekend), but i just couldn't help myself! the tree is up and decked, the mantle is glittered with lights and stockings, the whole house smells of "christmas spice" and just about every inch of our living areas is covered with gold, red, and green glittery stuff. last year my mom went a little nuts at after-Christmas sales and it turns out i have enough to decorate about five trees-so i got creative and used the extra ornaments everywhere i could think of. i think it looks fabulous, but i'm already sad that in a little over a month it will all come down and the house will feel empty and cold. i hate that feeling.


making christmas

in honor of the special holiday season, you are all invited to contribute to my christmas blog! please post any recipes, project ideas, gift ideas, decorating tips, music, movie recommendations, traditions or anything else you like-as long as it relates to christmas! don't forget to add labels so we can all find your ideas later. and pictures are always a plus!

*if you link to the blog and aren't an authorized author it's because i dont' have your email address, so comment with it and i'll add you pronto!

He's here!

Graham Lance Rasband

Nash's best friend was finally born today and we are so excited, yet so sad to be billions of miles away. His dad says he is super chill (just like Nash) so i know they'll be the best of friends.

graham's blog


ta da!

well, it's official-number two is twelve weeks on it's way (only 27 or so to go). we're still in the "it" phase, but in four weeks we should know whether it's a "he" or a "she"! until then, we'll count your votes-so don't forget to make your guess to the right...

for those who care: doc says the due date is may 28, so we are scheduling a c-section for may 21. yay! no labor at all (**cross fingers**)!