100 things, part deux

51. my mom was on the phone when i was little and i overheard her say "um...49." i decided to repeat that phrase for days on end. when we got a new refridgerator, i used the box to make a house and called it my 49-House. 49 is still my favorite number.

52. i won a gingerbread house contest in my hometown when i was in sixth grade. it was a gingerbread church with candy stained glass windows. i know, i am so domestic.

53. i was a vegetarian for a little over a year (for no reason). it ended on our honeymoon when i got sick of eating french fries. i had a burger. as a vegetarian, i never felt better, but i just can't get back into the groove.

54. the first play i was in (aside from my part as a noodle in my kindergarten play about the food groups) was "the wizard of oz." i was the tornado (no, i'm not kidding). i was martha cratchett (tiny tim's sister) in "scrooge". and was also in "brigadoon," for which my boyfriend and i painted the set-an old castle thing.

55. i am a coordinating freak. the only visible toys in nash's room even coordinate. i can't have it any other way. somewhere i got the idea that my house needs to look like a magazine-even if it is tiny and everything in it is cheap or a knock-off (thanks to ikea).

56. i really want to learn to sew. but not so much that i have actually tried. not since the 6th grade when i made a dress...i've got to find a picture of that beauty!

57. the jetted tub in our master bath is actually used for my clean clothes (after the dryer, before i put them away). since my dirty clothes cover every other surface, and with a shedding dog lurking, stevie has decided this is the best place for them.

58. the first cd i ever got was "genesis." the one with "i can't dance." my dad broke it in half because he disapproved of the song "no son of mine" and bought me my second cd. it was the alladin soundtrack.

59. i get car sick and motion sick quite easily. especially with age. i threw up over the side of our boat on a snorkel tour in hawaii over thanksgving of '05.

60. stevie bevie and i swam with sharks on our honeymoon. i was sort of scared to do it, but if i didn't get in the cool water i was going to throw up (motion sickness again!). it was intensely cool.

61. i use nash as an excuse to leave church early nearly every sunday! (sorry amy!)

62. i think it would be uber cool to live in a modern tree house.

63. but i'll settle for any house that i get to build myself, controlling every little detail.

64. i gained 32 lbs. when i was pregnant. it finally took me into the "average" weight class for my build.

65. i used to dream about my future home where every last thing was handmade. now that i have a kid i see the complete absurdity in that wish...

66. i sleep on my stomach with my hands under me. so does nash.

67. i love bubble lights. you know, the christmas lights that look like little mini lava lamps, of sorts.

68. i love anything ginger.

69. i peed my pants at school in second grade. it was my special week, so my mom was already coming in to do my spotlight. everyone had to wait for me on the story carpet while i changed my clothes.

70. i stopped my cruiser bike by putting my bare foot in the spokes. not on purpose-i was trying to do a trick. after i came to a screaching halt, foot stuck in spokes, laura and diane panicking, i managed to pry it out without a tear. i was on crutches for two months (?) and got to quit my jobs. it was the laziest summer of my life.


Jewels said...

I want to learn how to sew, too! I can quasi-sew, but nothing very technical. My husband? Yeah, he can sew. I also use Cache as an excuse to leave Church early! Or...not go at all. I'm evil. These are so fun to read - more, post more!

lizzythebotanist said...

jewels-do you work? and do you have some sort of program that alerts you when friends have posted to their blogs? you are on the ball! steve thinks you have a crush on me because you are always the first to comment! i told him, no that's just what we mommies do during nap-time!

Amy D. said...

um...Amen. Look who is the second to comment. And yes..i do have a program my computer nerd of a husband put on here for me to alert me when people updated their blogs. Love that..has saved me LOTS of time. And you'd better just stay for RS..you can leave for SS. :) By the way..I am still thinking about that gorgeous green dress/shoes ensemble you were wearing. Not everyone can pull off that color.

Kateastrophe said...

I am a friend of Julia's and I wandered over here . . . first of all your son is SO adorable, second of all you sound totally awesome, so I'm going to stalk your blog.

That is all. :D

Alifinale said...

I sleep on my stomach with my hands under me too. Good to know we have at least one thing in common. I do want to learn to sew. But I want someone to show me, I hate learning things like that by yourself (like I tried to do with crochet and photoshop).

Jewels said...

I do not have a job, can you tell? Haha. And yes, your husband is right - I'm totally crushing. Actually, I'm just Blog-obsessed and I check blogs pretty often. So look out! If you post something, you can bet I'll comment...unless I think it's lame. HA!

lizzythebotanist said...

katastrophe-welcome! you are welcome to stalk-that's what blogs are for, right?!

Marc said...

No fair! Steve is supposed to get to have Nash so he can leave Priesthood when he feels like it!

lizzythebotanist said...

silly marc-without nash steve gets to SLEEP through priesthood. a much better option! and don't mention words like "priesthood" on here! i have non-lds readers who might get freaked out by it!

chelseymarie said...

I now have been reading your blog...and I must say that I love it- and I totally remember that you sleep with your hands under you

Steven said...

First: I can't believe you used "uber" in your blog. I hate that almost as much as Cartman hates Kyle.
Second: Marc, ignore Liz's anti-undertones. Priesthood, Priesthood, Priesthood, Priesthood.
Third:EZ I still love you. I never meant to hurt you.

Marc said...

So Liz... what you're saying is that this probably isn't the best place to bring up Kolob or Adam-ondi-Ahman?