a few more 100

k...i had this saved to finish up, but i'll just post what i have now, since i am so swamped with the wedding. i'm really starting to stretch for these. apparently i'm a pretty shallow person, because i can't even think of 100 "real" things about myself.

71. in sixth grade my dad made me get new glasses. they were large. very very large. only my disastrous 6th grade picture can convey to you my utter embarrassment. maybe i'll share it with you in a future post {?}.

72. i don't drink milk. it makes me sick and i can taste funny things in it...."this cow got into an onion patch..."

73. i think it's stupid that "friday night lights" isn't shown on friday.

74. i don't like to talk on the phone. text. text. text.

75. i can never remember which way wierd is spelled. is it weird, or wierd? so i often substitute with bizarre.

76. i like to sneak peaks at nash while he's sleeping late at night. i make stevie bevie get out of bed: "let's go look at nash!". as if i've never seen him.

77. i've been called dumbo and chicken legs and flat face (remember my sixth grade glasses? well, they flattened out the curves in my profile).

78. i've never been to philadelphia even though i'm from pennsylvania.


BillieJean said...

I too do not know for sure which way wierd/weird is spelled. I dont know if the "I before E except after C" rule applies for this word or not. Its so bizarre.

And if it makes you feel any better, I have never been to the Grand Canyon. And I am from AZ.

Ma.lis.sa said...

reading your 100's I realize we have a lot more in common than I thought

Diane CaƱate said...

It's definitely W-E-I-R-D! You know it bugs me when it's misspelled, which it ALWAYS is!

Alifinale said...

I came across the "weird" dilemma the other day. Diane is so right. I, too, have never been to the Grand Canyon, Jill. Funny. Anyway, I still have to go in and watch Emery sleep everynight. It is my favorite. It is way more fun to do with the hubbie, I get mad if Brian goes in without me.