orchard session




my friend, kaysi called me friday night hoping to get a session in before mother's day. i was excited to get some orchard shots before the blooms start to fall. she and her husband, his four siblings and one spouse got up super early and drove down from salt lake to meet me in provo for an early-morning session. the kids gave their mom some framed prints as a mother's day gift. i LOVE how they turned out (you can see the family photos HERE.) of course, it always helps to have beautiful subjects!

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p.p.s. i've had a few people ask about buying the blossom prints for their homes. i've set up an etsy shop where i'll be selling my non-portrait prints to anyone interested. just go to my shop here!


kaysi fox said...

liz, you are the BEST!!!!! i have already told so many people and am already thinking about our next photoshoot with you!!! :) terry LOVED them, she was in tears and was saying the whole night how it was her best mothers day!

kaysi fox said...

ps. haven & nash are the cutest things in the world, can i please babysit!!??? hahaha. seriously though, i loved her little jammies!!!

J E S S I E said...

i want that second one to put up on the wall!

Emilie May said...

how about here?

Jewels said...

So....what are the chances I can get a copy of those bloomy pictures? Blossom trees are my world!

bulkleybunch said...

those are beautiful!!!