we went to the aquarium yesterday and all we got was these lousy photos ;)


i love haven's face in the far-left photo on the second row-she's pointing to a snake! oh, and in two of the photos you can sneak a peak of emmy's beau, nate. he's the oldest of eight kids, and man did it show. he's going to make a great dad. haven was a little scared of him at first (as she usually is with new people), but she warmed up pretty quickly. and nash was grabbing nate's hand pulling him off to "show him something" at every turn. and, as always, my kids were the loudest ones around.


J-ROK said...

PLUS, a picture of YOU! That never happens... actually, I'm STILL waiting for that pic of your new haircut ;)

Alifinale said...

That face makes any trip to the aquarium so worth it. I love it.

YAY for Emily. So glad she found a winner...and one that is good with kids too!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

j-rok: we'll probably get some photos of the fam tomorrow at graduation, but my hair is like a weed and it's already grown out A LOT. promise, it's not that exciting anymore, but stay tuned.