they came and went

grandma & grandpa visit

grandma and grandpa martin just left after a twelve day visit. this morning the kids went downstairs only to find grandma & grandpa's sleeping quarters abandoned. we're a little sad being back to the normal grind, but luckily we get to see them again soon-home to PA in july, then they come back out again in august for emmy's wedding. nash got sick during the visit and as soon as he perked up haven came down with the same bug, so we had a lot of one-kid outings (one kid is a joke! it's SO easy!). lunch, shopping, more shopping, and more shopping. mostly wedding-related, although nash and haven managed to get pretty spoiled and i scored new bath towels and a broom (i know what you're thinking, a broom? towels? what can i say, i get excited about the simple things these days.)

grandpa gave nash his first "blunt-cut." up till now it's been either long & wild, or buzzed with a #1 clip. we're high-class. he now looks like a real boy...which makes me feel sad. and old.

now, off to figure out what to do with ourselves...


lisset said...

a. glad you guys had a good time. and i'm hoping the kids are getting better.
b. i had the EXACT same idea that when c gets older for her to wear that shirt with black leggings and some chucks.
and c. the beehive bazaar is this weekend- will you be attending?

Emilie May said...

a. i'm getting sick.
b. i was on that walk with haven, too. how come i don't get a shout out? coming from provo to salt lake for twelve days means nothing to you? sheesh. it's like you think seeing your kids is reward enough for coming up there or something.... and, well, it is. dang it.
c. i have steve's bbq club sweatshirt.

Alifinale said...

What, only 2 pics from the whole 12 days? Nash looks pretty happy about the haircut. Cute.

When are you going to be gone in July? Because you know I am moving in the hall apartments come July. Oh, but I will be there for like 6 weeks probably so I am sure I won't miss you.

Mel said...

I have a new blog Lizzard!

bulkleybunch said...

mashy bay's haircut is pretty darn cute! i'm glad you got to spend time with your mom and dad!

andy said...

I feel Nash's pain. From that picture I know:

1 - That haircut took at least 1.5 hours.

2 - There's a 75% likelihood that Nash ended up with an "N" shaved into the back of his head.