birthday re-cap

we had two little parties for haven. the first was a backyard bbq with some friends on thursday. i took photos of all the decor and the cupcakes before-hand because the weather was so crazy that it was looking like we'd have to do the party indoors. the weather turned out great! so we got to play in the backyard and eat burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, sweet pototo fries (with curry dipping sauce), salad, cupcakes and ice cream. bbq-ing is the way to go! so easy, minimal clean-up, and smells darn good. plus the kids aren't quite so loud since there aren't any walls and floors to bounce the sound all over and drive the parents mad! we actually ALL got to sit, at the same time, and have conversations! that's success in my book.

party two was on sunday with the family. for this party i made a giant cupcake cake for the birthday girl. we got home from church at 2:15 and realized we needed to leave for orem at 3:00 in order to get dinner going. i had the cake and fondant made, but forgot about the ganache so i had to make that and threw that thing together in about 30 minutes. let's just say the picture above is very flattering. good thing it was still pretty yummy. it also helped balance out haven's completely horrible attitude. she was the WORST she has ever been. whining, crying, screaming, kicking. it was unreal. i think three days of late-nights, no sunday nap, lots of sugar, and chaos about did her in. this bad attitude accounts for the lack of copious pictures of the actual birthday girl.

i made more paper flowers and the birthday banner a while back, so the party prep was easy. lauren used her cricut to cut out the letters for me (thank you, lauren!). we also had red & white polka-dot napkins and red & white striped paper straws for our mexican coke.

i took haven's party dress off before i let her eat her cake and ice cream at the bbq. which is exactly when we realized we may not have changed her diaper all day. oops! she had the heaviest, saggiest diaper i've ever seen. good thing the party was just in our own little ghetto!

and at the family party things were so chaotic by the time we did cake and ice cream, i was lucky to get even these two shots. i don't even know if she blew the candles out on her own or if one of the cousins/brother did it for her (that's my guess. the cousins and brother were a little excited and wanted to help her do everything!).

"presents!" we heard that A LOT over the weekend. havey was pretty excited about getting/opening presents. she got spoiled rotten with dresses galore (she loves dresses & skirts. each time she'd open a present that was anything made of cloth she'd say, "pretty skirt!"), a couple other outfits, a puzzle, a backpack, four bracelets, pots & pans for her play-kitchen, a swimsuit coverup, loads of books, butterfly sandals, money for the bank, alice in wonderland, a bubble machine & tons of bubbles, and some other toys. nash even picked out two hello kitty toy candies at the store and wrapped them for her all by himself. he was pretty proud of himself.

and because we went to the doctor for a two year check-up and two shots yesterday, here are haven's stats:

weight: 27.7 lbs/ 64%tile
height: 37 inches/ 100%tile
personality: 120% stubborn

if we go by yesterday's numbers (which the doc said is the "rule"), haven will be 74 " tall at maturity. um, 6'1"? i laughed, but i suppose it's possible-my side of the family is pretty darn tall (i'm the shortest, i think). looks like a few of the boys i've had pegged to become her husband may be out of the running now ;)


J-ROK said...

6'1"? YIKES! And I thought buying pants was hard at 5'10"!

I'm curious about the cherry on the mega cupcake. Was it oversized? It looks proportional to a normal cupcake, so I'm confused!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

J-ROK: the cherry is just made of fondant and then a real leaf stem from the yard as the stem.

jill said...

love the colors. you need to give me some tips for when wyatt's birthday comes around in July. i have that same cupcake pan, its so fun! nice work, ltb.

Alifinale said...

Everything looks so pretty! Happy Birthday Haven. Glad the BBQ was a success (I am so so so happy it is BBQ season). Love all the pics and glad she had lots of celebrating.

lisset said...

do you think maybe she could throw a few inches e's way? good grief! and i think i got to mention that the cupcakes from the bbq were aaaamazing. mmmmm. mmmm.

bulkleybunch said...

maybe capri and haven will be on the same wnba team together! we will be so proud of our giants then!!!!

buddens said...

happy birthday to haven! Sad cause it means my little guy is next to be 2. Where did the time go? I love all your decorations, etc. as usual. Beautiful!

Bri!!! said...

Caleb should be tall enough! I would love your sweet potato fry recipe and the dip...mmmm.