happy birthday, havey girl!





and the celebrating begins (okay, it began last night...a thorough birthday review will be posted next week). i'm trying reeeeeally hard not to bug her by sticking the camera in her face today, since she is our special birthday girl. as you can see, she's not a fan of the camera. luckily i planned ahead and took these on monday (although i should have done a little further planning and styled her hair!). i can't believe my silly, stubborn, beautiful girl is two. TWO!

you can read more of my haven-gushing and see more birthday photos over here if you want...i kept it to the bare minimum here.


gina bina said...

Happy Birthday to Havey! Seriously, two?! I just can't believe that.

lisset said...

the fact that she's two is weird. the first time we met face to face she was around chloe's age- isn't that crazy?!
i love the pictures. where in the world did you come across that stripey wall?? it's perfect.

bulkleybunch said...

great pictures. i love the ones on her blog too. she is adorable and i loved the list! love you havey baby. happy birthday!!!!

Alifinale said...

TWO!?!?! What are we going to do? Happy Birthday Haven! Love the pictures. Love that our girls are seriously so much alike (seriously, I was reading the list and I can't count how many times I said, that is so Sage). Hope the birthday is fabulous and we only wish we were there to celebrate.

Beeta said...

Happy Birthday Havey Baby, you cute little thing, you! Those pictures are super cute. You are talented! Can't wait to celebrate Sunday?