birthday out-takes

found these funny so thought i'd share:





nash wanted to help me when we went to take havey's pictures, so i let him use the flip. he thought he was sooo important. i love his coaching in these videos and that he captured the behind-the-scenes-sadness:

she really wasn't happy about taking pictures so i feel really lucky to have gotten anything out of the effort! and, just so you know, i didn't prolong the agony for too long...we played around and took a break until emmy came to help get some smiles out of her. and then we lost the balloons...


it was a good time to call it quits.

since sunday's complete meltdown she's been pretty darn happy and so so so cute (go figure, right?).
like in this video (please excuse the obnoxious three-year-old in the background. the kid thinks he should star in every video/photo ever made):

i LOVE the way she says "i love you." it kills me. and did you notice her lisp? told you so!

thanks for her super cute dress, grape grandma! and don't worry-that peanut butter didn't touch the dress. she was uncharacteristically careful despite those messy hands she just showed you!


Bri!!! said...

I died when I watched the videos. That little Nash is the cutest thing ever, and Havey is such a cute little stinker. I would love that little girl. She's got such a cute strong personality. I made Dan watch one of the videos cause it was so cute/funny. I love the pics you took of her. FUN!

Emilie May said...

I love when Nash tries to get Haven excited. It's kinda like you trying to get Nash excited. Copy cat.

J-ROK said...

Hazey stopped crying and enjoyed the videos of Havey! My favorite part was watching her lick her hands like a lollipop!

sarahbclark! said...

wyatt watched this with me and said "bye" and "i love you too" after haven said it. then he wanted to watch it again.
your kids are so cute! i'd love to get together next time we're in utah.