green drink


my good friend, gina introduced us to this amazing smoothie that has since become a favorite around here. if i don't make two servings, i quickly regret it. nash and haven love "green drink" and will scream until i share mine. usually that ends with me having one or two sips of my own drink! surprisingly, it doesn't taste like grass-which most of the green smoothies i've tried can't claim. this is good stuff. it's quick & easy and super good for you. plus, how many kids do you know that really like to eat salad? it's a great trick to get your kids to eat their greens.

"green drink"

2 cups organic baby spinach
4 oz. organic pineapple-coconut juice (like rw knudsen or santa cruz organics. both sold in glass jars in the health food section of the grocery store).
1 frozen banana (i like to buy lots and let them get nice and ripe. then i cut them up and freeze them so they are ready to go.)

blend, remove your kid's shirt (it stains!), serve & enjoy!

and many, many thanks to gina!


lisset said...

i love this simple version, but ever since getting the vitamix i've used the spectrum blend of frozen fruit from costco, a ripe banana, large handful of spinach, and just enough water to get things moving and YUM! e still slurps it right up even though it's not as sweet and i love that he's getting a variety of fruits and all that veggie in one cup.

gina bina said...

YUmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love me some green drink!

Laurie said...

That looks good!

Lillian said...

I love smoothies. I will have to give this a try if I can find that pineapple coconut juice. Sounds yummy! I also find that adding yogurt always makes it just that much better.