we heart the ice cream man

ice cream 1 web
yesterday haven met "the ice cream man*." she wasn't really sure what to do, so she took notes from nash.

ice cream 6 web
then nash gave her some instruction, "no, you gotta hold the stick like the other way, havey."

ice cream 2 web
it was kinda sticky,

ice cream 3 web
but really good.

ice cream 4 web
until someone dropped her dreamscicle on the ground...

ice cream 5 web
and gave me her best pouting face. rage followed, but wasn't so cute.

ahhh, spring. i've been saying that a lot lately, huh?

*yesterdays ice cream man was quite possibly the most "ice-cream-man-ish" ice cream man i've ever met who didn't also appear to be a pedophile. and i've met A LOT of ice cream men. i rarely turn them down. instead, i chase them down in my bare feet like a five-year-old waving my monies. mr. dread-locked rasta man, who waved goodbye to my children who kept waving goodbye to you until i had to tell you to "just go," you made our day. and your music was top-notch. 

oh, and please excuse our messy hair. nash thought he'd use the pomade on both of them yesterday morning. and i let it happen. 


Emilie May said...

let's track down the man when i'm there tomorrow. i need a flinstone push-up like havey needs a hug and nash needs a haircut. i also need some lovin' from my fan club of 2.

Lindsay said...

I was thinking his curls were crazy cute. You should check out the icecream amigos out here. Shady!

buddens said...

Our ice cream truck in Vermont was called "Mr. Ding-A-Ling" - creepy and hilarious, don't you think?

And I love Nash's curls!

Natlee Lloyd said...

i love nashs' hair!!!

stevie bevie said...

Sorry Emilie May--the hair is only going to get longer. Now that I'm going bald, I will have to live through Nash.

Jewels said...

OhmygoodnessLiz. First, the Easter outfits for your wee little ones? To die for. I want that dress for me! The Lamby cake?? Are you kidding me with that? Nash's long hair is so freaking adorable, I would give him the world if he asked me. Pretty sure you sewed or created way too many things in your previous posts for me to mention all of them, but I am seriously considering hiring you to make me some skirts and dresses. Or at least teach me how. Oh my goodness.

sheena said...

haha! Pedophile was the first word that came to mind when you said ice cream man....why are they all so gross!! Glad you found him--is that sugar house park?

nash's hair is rad!

Harmony said...

Your kids are as cute as ever! Beautiful photos. I love the mommy-daughter feet photo too.