it's that time again!

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iron myelin is rounding up the troops and the monies for the 2010 harmons best dam MS bike tour in logan, ut on june 26-27, 2010. in celebration of earth day you can register to join our team for FREE! (it's normally $40.) ride options include 40, 75, or 100 miles on saturday, and/or 40 or 75 miles on sunday. each rider is required to raise a minimum of $250 to participate (which really isn't that much AND they give you until august to raise it).

if you're interested in riding, click here to sign up (the team password is 'anderson'). use the promotion code 'EARTHDAY' to get the free registration.

AND...for the rest of you...we'd love your support in the form of dollar bills. please click here to donate to our team. anything helps, really. if every one of you donated $5 i'd be set. see how easy that is? of course, that's only in theory....but...maybe i can guilt you a little and remind you that i, lizzythebotanist, am suffering from MS. the treatments that i started three months ago could cost me $4,000 a month (if i wasn't on an amazing insurance plan right now ;). the MS society helps fund the research needed to approve treatments like the one i'm on and also helps people who can't afford treatments with financial assistance. and when you donate it makes me feel really good. it's better than two-hundred blog comments, i swear. when you don't donate, it makes me feel like you just unsubscribed from my blog and have severed our blog-friendship ties :( feeling guilty yet? click here.

now, i'm going to see how long i can separate myself from the computer today, since it's earth day and all. problem is that mother earth decided she cares more about her trees and flowers than her human children and it's cold and raining...as a former botanist, i suppose should be happy about this...


Jamie said...

I really want to ride! I might have to talk Andrew into riding too. Maybe we can both join the team :). Sounds fun and since Andrew's sister and sister-in-law both have MS too it might be a little easier to get donations from them. I'll let you know after I talk to him tonight.

Bri!!! said...

Bummer, if I was in Utah I would join the team in a heartbeat.

Melissa said...

My parents started riding the MS150 back in 1994 and hauled all of us kids to Logan to volunteer. I have such good memories of the MS150. It's grown so much in the last 16 years!

Congrats on reaching your donation quota. Best of luck to your team.

P.S. Susan Petersen was telling me about you and your lovely blog. I've been lurking around for the last 24 hours and I love it!