bare feet!

havey's feet
our feet
sidewalk chalk
mom's feet
you know it's going to be a good day when 9 a.m. looks like this...hello, spring!

{sorry, beeves-i know you hate my feet. and looks like havey girl's are just like mine!}


lisset said...

love the spread out toesies. looking forward to doing a little of that myself.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

the "spread out toesies" are precisely why steve hates my feet-they are always spread out. he thinks they look like hands.

Alifinale said...

Better than finger toes. I love spring and no shoes. Happy day!

J E S S I E said...

ummm hello green grass! i can't wait for mine to get green.

stevie bevie said...

Not hands--a rake. And I hate all feet.

Laurie said...

Your feet are kinda creepy! Especially the second and third - how they do look like fingers! lol. That's awesome :)