st. patrick's day review

the kids woke up to find a trail of shamrocks and leprechaun gold. oh, and a real live leprechaun! he must have fallen asleep on the job. luckily the kids had been prepped and knew that humans can NEVER touch leprechauns. they left him alone and followed his trail to find their 'pots of gold.'


a few video notes: did you hear nash's cough? haven screams "oh my heck!" nash complains that the shovel isn't big enough. ever-concerned, nash asks why the leprechaun didn't bring anything for me. and in case you were wondering what was going on at the end, they went to thank the leprechaun for their presents but he was gone! 

we had fruit loops (a rare & special treat), green eggs, irish soda bread, and green milk for breakfast, then got dressed in our green (above) and put on our shamrock 'taptoos' from the leprechaun. haven also sported rainbow nails (with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

dance class was just as entertaining as the last time. haven was much more comfortable and looked pretty darn cute in her giant tutu. she's the one who's not in pink. what a rebel!

we made fruit loop necklaces for fun. i wasn't planning on taking pictures but i got bored when haven took two hours to make one of hers. the girl really appreciates a creative outlet. plus she was being ridiculously cute.

we also made irish soda bread and attempted to dye it green (which didn't really work). we made it in ramekins this time and took mini loaves to a few friends. they were pretty cute, but i was too lazy to take pictures. and too anxious to eat the leftovers.

the rest of our st. patrick's day festivities were sacrificed to nash's doctor visits, which wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened. i'm not familiar with a vegetarian version of corned beef anyway. so we opted for chinese take-out. probably should have been pinched for that.


jill said...

everytime i look at your blog after a holiday, i think to myself...why am i such a boring mom! how about you do us all a favor and post ideas BEFORE the holiday! then i can attempt to do something fun for my kids.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

oh my heck they are so cute! haven's enthusiasm more than made up for you going to the wrong store for nash's shovel...too funny!

ty and megs said...

your kiddos are so darn cute! i wish we lived closer so we could all hang out.

Outdoorsjake said...

What fun new traditions! The fingernails are my favorite... and her excitement over everything. If only the leprachaun hadn't gone to the wrong store and ruined Nash's celebrations :)

Outdoorsjake said...

oops... that was J-ROK!

Tara said...

Wow you really went all out, how fun! Your kids are so cute and I love that picture in their plaid shirts, how adorable.

bulkleybunch said...

i love how much you do for holidays. it's what i would do if i had an ounce of creativity or talent. ugh. cuteness!!!!