the great pumpkin patch

last year around this time we pretty much knew we'd be living in vegas in a year. so when alison posted about their pumpkin patch trip (here), i was just a little depressed. okay, really depressed. but we got lucky and we happen to live a stone's throw from a pretty cute little (overpriced) pumpkin patch. so...we took a little family trip tonight.

despite the fact that she has been a not-so-happy girl the past few days, haven put on a pretty good show for the camera:

nash filled the wheelbarrow with pumpkins we had absolutely no intention of purchasing. total cost of the pumpkins in this wheelbarrow: $35 (what?!?!)

then the cousins came and the party began. (this may be the cutest cousin picture ever).

there were lots of fun rides as long as you had parents who were kind enough to buy some "took-its" for you. these kids were pretty darn lucky. swings first.

having fun...

looking good...

oh, no! haven is usually our thrill-seeking child, but for some reason tonight she looked like this:

and she obviously felt like this:

after the swings came the bouncy house castle followed by the teacup knockoff...

i thought i'd take haven on the teacups, but after we buckled her in she started to freak out. steve took a picture and cut her out of it because she was crying. so haven and i got out before the ride even started, which is a really good thing because four hours later and my head is still spinning just from watching the ride!

i guess that makes me a bad mom for documenting the cutest tantrum she's ever had (below). all she wanted was "tickets to the castle, mom"! (she ends every sentence/question/request with "mom" right now and it's so cute + maybe a little annoying.)


aaaand, it actually felt like fall tonight!!! cool and breezy. dark, beautiful skies. couldn't have asked for a better evening.


gina bina said...

I'm busting a gut! At least you tried :)
Your chitlins are beauts

Emilie May said...

Man, I miss those kids...

lisset said...

e saw the pictures and came running. "look! it's nash! and haven! my friends!" he kept saying it over and over and over. i think he misses you guys. :) and hey, at least you tried right?

naomi said...

haven is looking more and more like you!! Great photos, and I'd send you a $3 pumpkin from here but the postage would cost more than those $35 crazy things you have in your barrow there.

Alifinale said...

It was fun. Too bad Sage was only happy when she was on a ride. We had a blast and it was as good as it gets with kids and family outing.

Emily said...

Wow. You've done it. You have made the wt scary corner pumpkin patch look fun. Now we might have to try it out.

Love the pics, such cute cousins!

bulkleybunch said...

awesome pics. wish i was there with you guys. except without my own kids. love you.

Beeta said...

I am obsessed with these pictures and happy you posted so many. The cousins look so cute together! It looks like a little fairytale and you guys are the only ones there?!