those days

today has been one of "those" days. not like monday. or tuesday, for that matter (only mom witnessed my complete meltdown yesterday. and thanks to the beeves who came to my rescue, the meltdown quickly subsided).

no, today is a good day.

a day when kids are happy. (and clean. and dressed.)
a day when the sun is shining. and we get to take a walk.
a day when kids play in their fort under the table and read books and laugh.
a day when we grocery shop and get loads of yummy food. the real kind.
a day when all the laundry gets done and the house smells fresh.
a day when i talk to my mom on the phone while sitting in the warm sun.
a day when haven takes a looooong nap and nash plays quietly in his room. (this may involve a little bribery-"monies" for his piggy bank.)
a day when dinner will be enjoyed with friends.
a day when i am happy with my life as a mom and a wife.

the worst part has been cutting up the steak for fajitas (hormone-free and grass-fed, of course). but i can live with that (and no, i'm not eating it).

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go sing and clean. the kids will help, of course, because...



Vanessa said...

i'm glad today was a good day. i know how refreshing those days are, especially after days we wish never to remember. i had my biggest meltdown to date on friday. i still haven't completely recovered. i'm hoping a good day is in my very near future. i need one. your kids are beautiful.

gina bina said...

I love those days! It feels so good when amongst all the chaos we can have one or two of those days every now and then :)

Jewels said...

I want this day! Oh...how I want this day. My day has not been such a great day, but hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine again and all will be right with the world! A girl can hope!

J-ROK said...


Tara said...

Wow, you had a day that all the laundry got done? That IS a good day.

Mel said...

Lizzy I love you.

Emilie May said...

i had a great day today, too. it's kinda like when we get a zit in the same region of our face at the same time. kinda.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

em-LMAO. fa reals. can't stop.

Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Lizzy -- thanks for your comment on my blog. Our mutual friend Laurie (I met her through work a few years ago) has always mentioned your blog to me as a fun one to read. And it is! Thanks.

Laurie said...

Good days are good days. But they wouldn't be good days if there weren't the contrasting bad ones!

stevie bevie said...

I saw Liz eat a piece of steak.


bulkleybunch said...

hurray for a good day. i need a good day. today's been pretty good. it was fun seeing you and the littles. love you!

Alifinale said...

Happy day! Good to write it down to remind yourself on the next not so good days.