monday, monday

today was one of "those" days.

one of those days when while i was cleaning up one mess, the kids were making another.

one of those days when our hair was kinked from yesterday, and we didn't change out of our jammies.

which became worsened by the fact that it was also one of those days when the boy peed in his underwear... because he couldn't get into the bathroom...(and he's no good at 'holding it')...because one of the aforementioned messes involved smearing a certain slippery substance he found under mom & dad's bed all over the doorknob making it impossible to turn.

which is precisely when it escalated into one of those reeeeally bad days. when, not only were we wearing jammies at dinner, but we were wearing mismatched jammies-because who has the energy to change his top and his bottom after the accident? and why change her bottoms when she only managed to dirty her top?

oh, could bedtime come any sooner? we started preparations early: we danced to this song, skipped the bath (but not the teeth-brushing) and skipped the bedtime story (but not the prayers). then, just a few moments later it became one of those glorious days. one of those oh-so-rare days when the kids go to bed at six-thirty (an hour early) without even the slightest protest. and i can breathe again.

well, after i clean up the spaghetti on the floor and the about-to-overflow toilet.

here, here to motherhood!


lisset said...

don't hate me for laughing at your misfortune. it's only funny because we managed to not have one of those days for the first time in nearly a week. it's a really good thing we love our kids, right?

Bri!!! said...

Oh how I'm not looking forward to my kids finding that certain slippery substance under the bed...lol.

Emilie May said...

well, valentine's day is coming up and that's gonna be a good day. i'll be babysitting, i'm sure. i have neither a man nor kids, so i'll have nothing to do and nothing to keep me home. something to look forward to...

J-ROK said...

sorry to laugh, but that post was the perfect start to my day!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

laugh away, people. for this is why i shared. i am actually laughing too-now that i've had a good night's sleep.

and em, we'll definitely take you up on that offer!

Alifinale said...

Here, here. All I can think about is that you got to put them to bed at 6:30. Lucky.

And that beat it is awesome but the girl kind of creeps me out when she looks at the camera.

Michelle said...

So glad to know we aren't the only family that spends our days in pajamas.