happy birthday, mashy bay!


my dude is three! nash has been so excited for his ninth birthday. that's right, ninth. if you've asked him his age at all in the last few months, you received the response, "i'm ten". naturally, then, nash would believe that today he is turning nine. he also believes that the "3" on his shirt is a "9." he's completely delusional. and unbelievably cute.

a few days ago i asked him what he wanted for his birthday. the conversation went a little like this:

m: hey, nash, what do you want for your birthday?
n: um...cake! yeah, cake.
m: oh, well what kind of cake?
n: mmm....cake pops. i like cake pops!
m: well, what color?
n: yellow. and white. and green...and purple!
m: do you want anything on them?
n: yes, a "9"
m: okay, well what kind of presents do you want?
n: green ones. and blue ones.

since i swore i wasn't going to go all out, we settled for cupcakes. yellow. and white. and green...and purple. we've wrapped all gifts in blue and green. and the cousins have been notified that the birthday banner should be created in yellow. and white. and green...and purple.

here's to the happiest birthday for our nashy boy!


bulkleybunch said...

we love you mashy bay! happy birthday little dude. maybe this will be our year? :)

bulkleybunch said...

ps i love the balloon picture. so great!

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

balloon pix is so ridiculously cute...should hang on his bedroom wall or somethin!if you ask mckinlay (3 in january)what she wants for Christmas, she replies "cake!" too...if only they could continue to be so easily satisfied!

Emilie May said...

cake satisfies the best of us, even in "cup" form. here's to nash, the cake-lover. nom nom nom. oh, and i hope he likes my art box. let me know when he uses the scissors to cut all his hair off. he looks good with short hair. i digress. happy birthday, nash!

mostly Stacy said...

happy birthday nash! I love the conversation, if only I could here his little raspy voice.

mostly Stacy said...

... I meant hear, I can spell somtimes

Alifinale said...

He is so cute. I love Nash! Happy Birthday. Sounds like the best birthday ever! What more could you ask for - cake in yellow and white and green... and purple. Sounds delish.