paperback swap

yes, i'm alive. we're still recovering and have been rather lazy and boring here, so i thought i'd share a site a friend recommended: thepaperbackswap.com. here's how it works:

  • you sign up (free) and list 10 books you are willing to ship to another member. for this, you receive 2 credits.
  • a member requests one of your books and you ship it to them (around $2).
  • once that member receives the book, you receive 1 credit.
  • 1 credit = 1 book
  • you use that credit to request a book from another member (they pay shipping).
  • the site generates your shipping label/book wrapper and you can even print the postage and ship from home

i joined on sunday and have already swapped five books! the site swaps paperback, hardback, and audio books. there's a great selection and a "wish list" for the books that aren't currently available. everything is automated and super efficient. to make things even better, a random member saw me listed in the "new member profile" section and gave me two of her credits today!

p.s. they also have affiliate sites for cd and dvd swapping and credits are transferrable between those sites.


+L said...

suhweet. i'm always looking for cheap ways to get in a good read that doesn't have a 2 week expiration date. and also- so glad you are still a live. phew.

Katie and Brett said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

You explain it so much beter than me. I even understand it better now. :) I've uploaded 10 books and they are on peoples wishlist but Ive gotten no requests. I don't get why. So help me if you know whats going on.

sarahbclark! said...

i love this site! and thanks for making me remember that i have another book to list.