more love for nie nie

i am in awe at the amazing people out there organizing and participating in events like nie nie day, and now the nie nie benefit sale scheduled for september 23 & 24th at etsy. its comforting to know so many strangers are out there helping to take care of their fellow bloggers, don't you think? to find out how you can donate goods to be sold in the nie nie benefit sale etsy shop, click here.


gina bina said...

Unite bloggers, unite! I've loved seeing all the good things going on in the blogging world.

Jewels said...

Stephanie's sister is in my ward, this whole situation is just so sad. But like you I have been touched at how many people have stepped up to help and raise money and awareness for this amazing couple! I will certainly be stopping by the sale in a few weeks - I'm sure it will do well!

Bri!!! said...

Thanks for the great advice. Here is my email address

brihoopes at gmail dot com