happy nie nie day!

sometimes i think i'm burned out on blogging. then things happen that make me so glad to be a part of the blogosphere and its power. this is one of those times. i'm sure most of you have heard about stephanie & christian nielsen (of nie nie diaglogues) who were crititically injured when their small plane went down in arizona. stephanie suffered third degree burns over 80% of her body. she is mother to four and, although i don't know her personally, i am convinced is an amazing, inspiring person. i've spent hours reading (and crying) through her blog and her sister, courtney's blog, and have been blown away by this family.

so, gabrielle at design mom declared today nie nie day. and she challenged bloggers to hold silent auctions to raise money for the undoubtedly long and expensive recovery for the nielsens. i couldn't come up with anything to auction, but there are over 165 auctions going on today, and for some seriously amazing stuff. strollers & baby goods, photography sessions & packages, jewelry, paintings (some custom!), books, cake stands-you name it!

spread the word, go find your coveted item and start a bidding war! if you lose, i'm challenging you to donate at least $1 to the stephanie & christian paypal fund. you won't get anything in the mail for it, but at least you'll feel all warm & fuzzy.


emilie s. d. p. said...

I'm so glad you posted this, I've been reading c jane enjoy it for a while and still haven't done much...but now I think I should!

Lillian said...

I started reading about this story and have been following c jane now. I get chills, tears and happy feelings when I read about this family. I have been reading the archives of the nie nie dialogues and have loved her blog.