fourteen days of love-#6

"my dad"

everyone loves their dad. i'm not going to try and convince you that my dad is better than your dad because i know you'll fight back, but i think my dad is the greatest. since this is day six of the fourteen days of love, i'll post six things i love about my dad:

1. he laughs so hard at himself that he cries and his face turns purple. when we don't laugh at him he convinced himself that it's because we are trying not to laugh and encourage him, which makes him laugh harder. and then we laugh.

2. i have a folder in my email inbox titled "dad's epistles." it's all the emails he's sent me over the years filled with advice and counsel and memories. someday i'll make a book for my kids with them. most of them are pretty long...although he doesn't email that frequently, i know he spends a lot of time when he does.

3. he's a good man. nearly everything he does is for someone else (and very often for his kids).

4.he's the hardest worker i know and barely sleeps juggling his calling in the stake presidency, his practice, and his computer programming and other studies.

5. he loves nash and was a fantastic babysitter while we were home. he watches nash's videos and tells my mom about them over and over as if she hasn't also seen them. (he tells the same stories over and over too...)

6. he loves my mom and tells us that all the time. he worked so that she could stay home and raise us.


Wendy Burke said...

That's really sweet and an awesome flashback picture!!

emilie s. d. p. said...

I loved this post! I'm lucky to be kinda sorta maybe related to this guy !?! :o)

Jennifer said...

Love the photo! And what great memories!!

Two Wheeler said...

I can't help but notice that beautiful VW Rabbit in the background of that picture. What is it? About an '82 rabbit? Great post Liz, thanks for reminding us why dad's are great!

Alifinale said...

Nice tribute to your daddy. I love the pic too - really puts in perspective how little you kids were all so close together.

Melissa Dummett said...

I love your dad (and your mom) too

gina bina said...

Actually, you probably could convince me that your dad is better than mine, but we won't go there. What a sweet daughter you are!