fourteen days of love-#1

in honor of valentine's day, i'm going to copy gina bina's idea {cause it's a good one} and post for the next fourteen days, each day about something i love.

"little buddies"

today i can't not post about my lexi doggy. i have loved her since the day we got her, but lately i've been really appreciating her amazingly good nature.

nash and lexi have always been pretty good friends. after nash was born lexi suffered a bit-her usual nightly cuddle time with me on the couch was replaced with me cursing as i tried to nurse nash on the couch. she handled it well and although she was obviously saddened by her sort of replacement as my baby, she never once acted out. as nash has become more and more aware of her they've become better and better friends. it used to be that lexi had to be banned while nash ate because she'd beg too much. then it turned into more of a problem with nash-i thought for about a week that he loved cheese. one day i left the room and popped my head in later only to find that he had been feeding lexi all the cheese with a smile on his face. so lexi was then banned while nash ate so that nash couldn't feed her all his food.

this past week it's like the two of them are in cahoots. they have been attached at the shoulders. they go in nash's room and shut the door and i hear giggles from the outside. and it's like they sat down and said, "alright, i'll eat my food and you eat your food and that's how it's gonna be." this week i have witnessed four heart-melting nash/lexi moments: usually if nash holds out a cracker lexi will snatch it right up. after this little arrangment went into force, nash holds out a cracker and lexi looks away (but you can tell she really really wants it). yesterday i gave nash a little bowl of goldfish. he didn't finish it all and we forgot and left it on the floor while the two of us ran out for a bit. when we got home IT WAS STILL THERE! are you kidding me?! this is something i couldn't expect from any dog. nash has also picked up this cute {and slightly creepy if you don't know what's going on} method of asking for a kiss on the forehead. he puts his head down as he walks toward you and looks at you from under his furrowed brow while making a little cooing noise. this week he's been asking lexi for kisses, and although she hasn't quite figured it out it's so cute to see him show affection toward his doggy. and {drum roll please} the crowning moment of the week {he did this completely on his own}:

it's so nice to have complete trust in my doggy with my baby {soon to be babies}. it's also nice for nash to have a little buddy. a constant companion.


AlexisTexas said...

that is the cutest thing i have ever seen! good grief-almost makes me want a dog...(hope lance doesn't read your comments...heehee).
so adorable! i miss you all...

Steph said...

Oh so super cute. I love dogs. I can't wait to have babies and dogs. Then I will have 3 babies :) Its still hard to think that a baby will replace the dogs (or at least take a lot of my attention from the dogs), I think I'm sort of in denial about that one.

gina bina said...

I've witnessed this Nash-Lexi affection first hand. Last night Nash was following Lexi around laughing so hard, hysterically even, at her as if they had some inside joke about the rest of us and we weren't cool enough to know it! You need to teach Nash and Lexi to play hide and seek together...it will keep Nash occupied for hours.

Alifinale said...

So cute! How fun for them to be the cutest little buddies and I love that Lexi is so good with Nash. Love the video.

Two Wheeler said...

We used to play hide and seek with "Chuck", Cornia's dog and it would keep us occupied, that's for sure! haha. She is an amazing dog!