i'm lizzythebotanist, and i'm a dork

some friends and i got to go to a premier of sydney white tonight (i know, i know. we are sooo elite). um, LOVED IT! ...once i got past sydney's unbelievably horrible spray-on tan and her terrible make-up (but you can't blame her). oh, and the fact that she always has those funny little pieces of hair hanging down in front of her ears...she does have ears, right?

aaanyway, back to the movie. if you love amanda byne's movies (which happens if you're able to turn on your inner-goof and let your inner-movie critic take a rest), then you will love sydney white-a modern take on snow white and the seven dwarfs. and you will love tyler prince-what a hottie! those dimples?!

favorite moment: when embele (sleepy) looks outside and finds sydney in the rain and says something to the effect of (read this in some sort of african accent): "that girl from the bathroom's outside in her jean pants....she looks scared." jean pants?!?! i guess you had to be there. but you weren't invited! so you'll have to go check it out for yourselves, it opens september 21st. click here to watch the trailer.


Alifinale said...

Ok, I hadn't even heard of this movie yet. But I love Amanda Bines and I know I will love it. Should I be embarrassed? Nah... How fun that you got to go to the premier. (so I just watched the trailer and seriously what were they thinking with the orange skin and bad hair?)

g Duncan said...

...but Liz, orange skin is SO in vogue right now. Same with jean pants. I happen to be wearing jean pants right now.
I'm sorry I missed the movie!